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Being a brony is awesome, but I'm really a nerd at heart and look forward to this site! Also, I'm writing again, so new stories are a thing!!! (Updated 11/3/17)

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This is a tribute to all unholy IC's, and more importantly, to all phantoms of the night.
Shadow Storm is a mystery, from birth he was a ward of the state, and now he's living a so-called peaceful life. That is, until his hidden past comes to haunt him....
(Warning, might turn slightly graphic if the need shows itself)

Chapters (4)

Shadow moved slowly through the EverFree, the movement behind him never ceasing. He slowly pulled his dagger from his belt with his magic, a blessing for him in its own. Of course his prey wouldn't see him or so he thought. As the hoof hit him he turned to see a pony looking at him with a smirk. As he blacked out he cursed his luck.

Chapters (2)
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