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Names for Sunlight babies (Spoiler for Aurora of Love) · 12:16am Nov 30th, 2016

In case it wasn't super obvious by the end of this story the two lovebirds are gonna have a few babies crawling about by the time the story comes to a close(minimum two children) so to that end I want to get some suggestions on names and looks. I've already decided they'll have a son and a daughter I just want to get some fan feedback and if you have suggestions for the names and looks of other possible children *hint hint* feel free to leave them in the comments

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Sequels and new stories · 5:32pm Oct 24th, 2016

I want to put it to a vote in the comments. There is no doubt going to be a sequel to my first story Aurora of Love so look out for that however my next story is going to be one of these three and I am having a hard time deciding which I want to do first so I will let my fans and friends help with that choice.

1.) Rainboom shipping story: where each of the rainbooms ask sunset out on a date, shipping and possible orgy to ensue.

2.) Sunset Shimmer birthday clop based off this image

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