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Whose the better student? · 1:56am Dec 19th, 2016



No I am!

In your dreams, your just a rip off of me!

Oh please we're nothing alike! Plus I'm like way better than you

Oh yeah? How

Lets see? More powerful...Better backstory....

Whoa, whoa, whoa hold the phone...

the what?

Oh right you don't have phones in Equestria...well regardless hold it! First of all I am WAY stronger than you...

Oh yeah? I don't see you with magic compared to Princess Twilight...

Oh yeah? I think my battle against the sirens when I MADE MYSELF AN ELEMENT OF HARMONY....would disagree with you...you know that magic that is the most powerful magic in all of Equestria?

Hmph oh please that doesn't count, you're not even canon!

The end of Friendship games disagrees with you too.

Yeah well at least they SHOW my redemption process...You get shot in the face by a rainbow cry and then are buddy buddy with everyone

Oh hi pot, I'm kettle; sorry I haven't called in awhile but im calling now to say you're so totally black

Oh ha ha how long have been waiting to use that one huh?

Point is my redemption process didn't get shown because I'm apart of the movies and they only had so much time to dedicate to it during the movies...they expanded upon that in the books and I have so much fanficition its insane!

Oh so we're bringing fans into this now huh?

Yeah, I mean we BOTH know Midknight loves me the most...don't you Knighty? -bats eyelashes-

Ah crap....um...



Ehehe now girls I'm sure we can...

I'm better right? I mean I'm your #1 waifu arent? I mean you've got all those pictures of me on your-

Aaaaaand thats my cue to leave....place your votes for your favorite everyone while I...RUN FOR MY LIFE!

Truce while we chase him?



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Comments ( 5 )

lol This was just too good to pass up what a hoot. I think you ought to do a actual fan fiction story about this. This would be so great to actually read. :twilightsmile:

Oh, yes before I forget I vote for Sunset Shimmer because she has the much better back story and there are WAY more fan fics about her character than Glimmer.

4345375 who says i'm not working on that?:pinkiecrazy:

4345379 I checked your stories yet found nothing there to place in my favorites but I can't wait to see what you come up with :twilightsmile:

4345378 haha! Suck it Glimmer!

Shimmer: 1

Glimmer: 0

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