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    I am plotting out a new series of stories, the basic premise is going to be each of the Equestria girls enjoying a different anime or being in an anime like scenario. So I want to get feedback from all of you on which anime you think that would fit the girls the best. I have a couple of draft ideas like the following

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    G5...Pass. No thanks.

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    Getting back into it and current situation

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    Update: Redux of old story incoming

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Sequels and new stories · 5:32pm Oct 24th, 2016

I want to put it to a vote in the comments. There is no doubt going to be a sequel to my first story Aurora of Love so look out for that however my next story is going to be one of these three and I am having a hard time deciding which I want to do first so I will let my fans and friends help with that choice.

1.) Rainboom shipping story: where each of the rainbooms ask sunset out on a date, shipping and possible orgy to ensue.

2.) Sunset Shimmer birthday clop based off this image

place your votes and I will make a final choice by the end of the week.

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Comments ( 12 )

4269420 trust me it was hard making this choice for me too:raritycry:

4269423 honestly im gonna end up doing them both any way i just wanna know which people wanna see done or started first

A word of warning. Not that I don't appreciate the picture, but that's pretty damn close to explicit and people have gotten in trouble for posting explicit materials on this site, up to being banned. Just saying you might want to remove that pic, despite it not actually showing anything.

Also, birthday vote all the way.

4270588 it's a pic of Sci Twi half naked with cake and candles on her boobs and a bow around her ass for Sunset's birthday

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