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    I've been trying to get back into the swing of things but it's just been constant work but I feel the month of love is probably a good a time as any to try and come back. SO which ship would ya'll like me to focus on the MOST. The ship with the most comments wins.

    1. Adagio x Sunset

    2. Sunset x Sci-Twi(Princess Twi for Twi-Angel? maybe)

    3. Adagio x Rarity

    4. Pinkie x Sunset

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    Humane 7 go trick or treating with the CMC

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    G5...Pass. No thanks.

    Gonna be completely honest and probably gonna get my asshole torn in half for this but fuck it here goes.

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    Getting back into it and current situation

    I wanna take some time on my days off to try and get some writing done but as usual could use some help. Pics of my favorite ship(s) and favorite characters tend to help the writing process along so if you have anything to share? Share it. Maybe I will have a spark of inspiration at some point during the day. I would like to hope so as I really wanna get back into writing stories for you all.

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Revival! · 7:52am Dec 25th, 2017

*The moon was high in the sky on this Hearths Warming Eve and Equestria was blanketed in pure white snow. In the depths of the Everfree forest Starlight Glimmer trotted to the tree of harmony, placing various candles and other artifacts around it collected from her masters many different friends and waifu. The final ingredient was a device from the human world which Sunset managed to procure for her. In doing so now she would at last be able to revive her master from the dead*


*Channeling her magic she fired a blast of highly charged magic at the artifacts and the result was an explosion of rainbow color and in the skies after the explosion shined two graceful silver wings illuminated by the light of the full moon.*


"You are sooooo dramatic." *Rolls eyes*

"And you took forever!"

"They kept me booked season 6 and 7! I still brought you back didn't I?"

"Yes...yes you have...and as promised you shall be rewarded." *Clasps hands and fires beam at Starlight giving her wings*


"I regret nothing...Dammit it feels good to be back!!! Come Starlight! We have much to do! Stories to draft...stories to finish..."


"Yes yes we can do 'that'...jeez i just come back to life and already you want sex"

"I've been spending more time with Adagio"

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Well tank you i really like this story
hoping to see more of it

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