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New chapter! · 12:58am Jun 22nd, 2018

Finally! Took you long enough!

Well it's up now ain't it?!

Don't sass me boy!

Or you'll do what?

-Devilish sneer- Oh I am so gonna break you

-Equally devilish sneer- Not if i break you first

fuckin' Hell I love you!

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Update Time(Rant/Venting): Calling all editors and prereaders · 10:15pm Jun 7th, 2018

Okay it's been a good minute since I-


Yes, We; have addressed you all and given you an update on how things are going and such. Needless to say? Slowly...

So much for being the fastest man alive

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Inspiration found!!! · 9:17pm Jun 4th, 2018

Inspiration why do you avoid me so!

Oooooh Duuuusty!

Yes giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-??????

Oh my...um...what...when....how....uuuuuh.

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Recent Stories and Old Story · 2:01pm Jan 5th, 2018

As many of you have noticed I have been on a story posting spree lately...

And doing such a WONDERFUL job editing and checking for mistakes.

Thank you Starlight...anyway I have posted 3 new stories. Each based on different genre I have wanted to write more of. One is a Sly Cooper and Daring Do crossover with the Equestria girls.

It's gonna be all mysterious provided you can think of an ACTUAL mystery and do ACTUAL research on ACTUAL ancient artifacts.

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New Years Resolutions! · 3:36pm Jan 1st, 2018

For me the biggest goals I have for this new year are to work harder than before and move forward faster than before.

With my new job that is looking good to happen. With my new laptop I can finally begin doing stories again and finishing up old work so I can start new stuff.

I biggest goal here is to really get a name going for myself as a writer of fiction in some form. Its a long shot but a shot worth taking if I can write content people like to read.

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Revival! · 7:52am Dec 25th, 2017

*The moon was high in the sky on this Hearths Warming Eve and Equestria was blanketed in pure white snow. In the depths of the Everfree forest Starlight Glimmer trotted to the tree of harmony, placing various candles and other artifacts around it collected from her masters many different friends and waifu. The final ingredient was a device from the human world which Sunset managed to procure for her. In doing so now she would at last be able to revive her master from the dead*

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The Flash Season 3: The Reveal of Savitar's Identity · 1:27am May 3rd, 2017

-Catatonic moaning-

um is he ok?

He looks like Wally from the last episode

Too soon!

Still what the Hell did he see?

Maybe we should ask Rainbow Da-

-Curled in corner in fetal position mumbling-

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I am gonna attempt to write today · 5:28pm Apr 27th, 2017

-Preps self with 420 & MLP music remixes

Oh damn he's serious folks

You bet Luna's full moon I am!

Which one?

The one I howl at and worship in my lonely hours at night...

Oh c'mon her ass isn't that bi-

You were saying?

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New Chapter · 10:56pm Feb 5th, 2017

I'm gonna try and crank out the wedding chapter and all the romance stuff this month for obvious reasons. Got any romantic story ideas for Sunset that I should do? Leave them in the comments and I'll pick the best one. It'll be a one shot so give me a good idea.

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Whose the better student? · 1:56am Dec 19th, 2016



No I am!

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