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Recent Stories and Old Story · 2:01pm Jan 5th, 2018

As many of you have noticed I have been on a story posting spree lately...

And doing such a WONDERFUL job editing and checking for mistakes.

Thank you Starlight...anyway I have posted 3 new stories. Each based on different genre I have wanted to write more of. One is a Sly Cooper and Daring Do crossover with the Equestria girls.

It's gonna be all mysterious provided you can think of an ACTUAL mystery and do ACTUAL research on ACTUAL ancient artifacts.

I'M TRYING DAMMIT! Anyway I know anything and everything about Sly Cooper and I have played a lot of Uncharted and so trust me when I say this story will be a fun ride I just need a little more time to piece together certain concepts and work on the second chapter.

Next we have my super hero story which basically turns the girls into power rangers but like...better cause I can totally write power rangers stuff better than the fucking hacks over at Saban...:twilightangry2::facehoof:

I have these fries can I have some of that salt please?

Shut up Starlight...anyway that story is gonna mostly be updated on Fridays and the weekend because that is when i am in my most anime and action mood. Trust when I say this story is gonna get crazy and I am throwing in so many references it'll make your fucking heads spin.

Gee reference humor hooooow ORIGINAL

One more word out of you and all your snuggles go to Sunset!

I'm sorry sir

Good little pony. Now finally the story I posted today which is a dazzlings story. I've wanted to do a redemption story for them for quite some time and I feel no better time than now!

You just want an excuse to strut Adagio around!

You make that sound like a bad thing! Jealous?

Who invited you to this blog?!

I'm sick of you hogging all the attention, move over! Dagi is here to play now!

I full accept this.

You'll regret this!!

Annnnyway back to business. This last story will be focused on Adagio and the dazzlings befriending the shadowbolts and then if it does well I will make a sequel about them making up with the Rainbooms. The story is a big work in progress still.

I can't wait to see what you have in story for us Knighty!

I am off to work now, see you all in a few hours!

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