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Update Time(Rant/Venting): Calling all editors and prereaders · 10:15pm Jun 7th, 2018

Okay it's been a good minute since I-


Yes, We; have addressed you all and given you an update on how things are going and such. Needless to say? Slowly...

So much for being the fastest man alive

Don't start with me Starlight you know I hate it when I'm not as fast as I would like to be. The speed force is a sonuva bitch okay?! Ugh That isn't the fucking point here! The point is to let people know whats up.

So basically you ranting about how much your life sucks and asking for help?

I swear one more snide comment out of you and I am gonna-

Oh lay off him Starly, he's been having a rough time.

Thank you Sunset. Anyway. Does life suck right now? Yeah but who can't say the same around here? Seriously everyone has their baggage and mine is no different than anyone elses. But ranting about it and hoping people on the internet give a damn makes me feel better so just bare with me will ya?

Uuuugh fiiiiine. Sheesh

Thank you. Now first? Stories. I am behind. on like...A LOT of them. Honestly the reason for that? Well a few reasons.
1. Writers block
The bane of ALL writers everywhere!!
2. Laziness
You have an entire fucking song dedicated to being lazy(Lazy Anthem 2 by Dashiexp go support ya boy)
3. Lack of inspiration
We've been trying to fix this however ideas come and go, but its been getting better,
4. Stress
Now THIS is a big one. For those of you who are unaware? I work an at school in real life, I'm a teachers aid and my main class consists of all Autistic children who are incredibly difficult to deal with on a stress spectrum. Example? the child I am in charge of can't speak and instead yells and screams all the time or at random, he sctrathes and often runs away and tries to run out of the class room causing me to have to chase him down.

Oh those little fuckers are such a pain.

Easy easy, lets not piss off anyone anymore than I probably already have. Anyway on with the list.
5. Lack of an editor
Again, another BIG ONE! I seriously need someone who can preread and edit my work. I am trying to make something of myself here since I love to write but I don't want my work to look like total trash you know?

To be honest you don't do that bad sweetie you just need to learn to slow down a little bit.

I can't help it!! ADHD remember?!! oh and well like this thing -vibrates hand at super speed- I type fast, think fast, move fast, I don't know how to slow down on my own once I get going.

Unless your stoned like your name was Tree Hugger.

You know damn well MJ helps improve my writing don't play with me woman -_-

Ooooooh so sassy.

Anyway where was I? Oh yeah list of reasons why I need help. 5. Ideas
Now it's not that don't have any ideas, lets not crazy here. I have enough stories to write for fucking video games, comic books, anime, manga, tv and hentai it's fucking insane.

Quite the portfolio love.

Since when you did you write for tv...or hentai for that matter?

I have my interests don't judge me >.> Anyway yeah it's not that I don't have ideas; it's that I don't know which ideas to stick to. Like I have a whole other profile that has stories I wanna continue cause people really seemed to like them and I hate to start something and not finish or a least try you know? Now last but not least? 6. My biggest issue? Finding a true identity as a writer, I am not entirely sure what genre I wanna stick with. I love action, drama, suspense, comedy, adventure, a complex story, romance(go full sex or not at all im just a perv dont judge me). However out of all of these? I just don't know which ones I am the best at you know? And it's not like anyone is really telling me v_v

Well you don't exactly show people your work.

I live in the ghetto and work in a school where this particular cartoon isn't exactly popular especially for me to be a 24 year old black male so yeah, good luck helping me with that one.

Tch you are such a downer.

Oh yes that brings me to my next problem now that you reminded me Starlight; 7, My depression. It's super random and it comes and goes at the worst possible time. It dampers my mood and makes me not want to do anything. Why am I depressed? For those who care I'll make it short.

Now Dust you don't have to go and-

No, people keep telling me I should talk about it and so I will; like I said? It'll keep it short.
1. My two best friends are now all but at war with each other with me caught in the middle powerless to do nothing
2. I'm stuck in a living situation and a job that dampers my spirits in so many ways.
3. I'm single and have been since high school 10th grade-

Fucking whore



and I'm not good with relationships of the romantic variety hence all the romantic fanfics you see me write.

Everyone needs an outlet love.

And keep your chin up, the right girl will come along soon and you know that.

And you'll always have us and your other friends right?

Yeah provided they don't kill each other. Anyway that's basically it for that. I don't feel like ranting anymore now. So if anyone sees this and cares? I'd love the help if you are serious. PM me and we can see where things go. Till next time? This Knight is returning to his castle. Come girls.

Coming daddy

Heheh thats what she said -points at Starlight-

Shut up!

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