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Sunset Shimmer ventures through the Mirror for the first time, and is shocked at the world she enters. Everything is different, and yet, familiar to her. The young twelve year old girl must make quick decisions amongst the guilt and anger she bears after departing from the world she once called home.

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Years after Twilight Sparkle gained a castle and a purpose, she and her friends had another obstacle to overcome-raising a family. With this new responsibility came a new realization. What is to happen with the Elements of Harmony once they pass?

This is where our story begins. The Elements and others have begun experiencing troubles beyond anything they have before - when it comes to magical creatures, they've got it covered. But when the danger is beyond even that, how can it be stopped?
Now it's up to their children, the new soon-to-be Elements of Harmony, to figure out a way to save their families.

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