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Sorry I've been dead! · 2:04pm Jan 11th, 2017

Sorry! I've just been in a writers block for a long time. I have chapters for both AiM and BOAF partially finished, it's just about sitting and actually writing them out. The first few chapters to stories are always the biggest jump for me to get past urgh.

I promise once theres 4 chapters of AiM done things will go by faster! Setting the scene is always my least favorite part of writing....

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Thoughts on a Prequel? · 1:48pm Dec 6th, 2016

Hi everyone, so I've been plotting a lot about a Prequel for AiM, and ultimately it's been decided that it will be written.

HOWEVER... As you can see, I haven't touched the main story of AiM in weeks, has it been a month yet? I can't tell. I want your opinions:

Should I put AiM's 'main' arc on hold, and instead write the Prequel now? I have a much stronger fill/story already, where AiM still has potholes I'm trying to fill in.

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Flash/Sunset EQG Headcanon · 2:34pm Nov 30th, 2016

While I haven't been writing actual chapters, I HAVE been taking notes and developing characters! Yesterday I wrote up a bunch about Flash (and Sunset) post-LoE, so I figure why not post them here for you guys to see as well if you want?

-After the events of Legend of Everfree, after Sunset realizes that Twilight & Timber are in it for the long run she sort of gives up on pursuing Twilight for a while

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Sorry · 6:40pm Nov 27th, 2016

Sorry I haven't posted in a while! I recently got a job, retail work so it's taken up a lot of my time.

I haven't had a lot of time to write, or inspiration unfortunately. What I HAVE had time to do is update my daily blog, a day-to-day drawing of SciTwi x Sunset pictures. If you wanna give it a follow it's here!


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Mane 8 Ages in Animosity is Magic · 12:29pm Oct 31st, 2016

So in the wee hours of 12 last night, I sketched the Mane 8 as how they will look during the main squeeze that is AiM, finalizing their designs and ages.

Twilight. 47. Doesn't look older because Alicorn. Probably a little bit taller.

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Do you like seeing pictures in a story · 3:46pm Oct 29th, 2016

Hi! Another question for fim readers.

As you (hopefully) have seen, I'm an artist! Do readers here prefer seeing images throughout a story or would those breaks be too distracting? Thoughts?

I personally don't have a preference. Yet.

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How often do people update? · 4:05pm Oct 15th, 2016

So it's been roughly 5-6 years since I've written stories. I used to go on fanfiction but later deleted my account; for those of you who know the site, how often do people usually post chapters to a story? Weekly? Monthly?

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