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Rainbow Spectrum

I'm one of the people who knows every song in the show, all the latest news in the fandom, and never misses an episode. Is that weird?

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Shortly after Zephyr Breeze graduates from mane therapy training, Fluttershy consults Rainbow Dash and asks if she can keep an eye on Zephyr. Follow Rainbow as she deals with Zephyr and all his antics on her weekly visits!

Shout out to MarioDS01 for letting me use the idea!

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When Rainbow Spectrum has a dream one night about her village being attacked, she thinks it's an ordinary nightmare, but when she keeps having it again and again, she realizes it's anything but ordinary. With nothing but the help of her best friends, an easy going DJ, a sarcastic unicorn, and a bossy book writer, she sets off on a quest to save her village.

Chapters (3)
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