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Hello! The name's Valystine! I love writing, and drawing as well. Small warning, I have the tendency to start stories and probably not finish them, but please do enjoy what I have to offer. Goodbye!

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Do not think. Do not question. Just do as your told. Obey the laws. Take your pills. Do not worry about a thing. Do not deviate from the populace. Obey the Overmare. Take your pills. Do not forget to take your pills. Have you taken your pills? Remember to take your pills four times a day. Take your pills. Take your pills. Take your pills. Pills. Pills. Pills. Pills. Pills. Pills. Pills.


Why? Why can't I think? Why can't I question? Why do I have to obey these laws? Why can't I deviate? Why do I have to listen to the Overmare? Why do I have to take these pills?

Who am I? Why am I living this life? Am I more than just a serial number?

I don't want to live like this anymore. Why is everypony else okay with it? Everything is corrupted... horrible. How did we become to live such manufactured lives? Everypony lives in ignorance. Why can't they see what's going on? Why won't anypony listen? I have to do something. I have to make somepony listen.

I WON'T take my pills. I WON'T listen to the Overmare. I WILL question everything. I WILL put an end to it.


Edit #1: The rating has been changed from 'Teen' to 'Mature' as a precaution for a scene featured in the chapter "A Break In The Mold [Part Two]" and for future scenes planned for future chapters. If you believe the rating can remain 'Teen' while still featuring this scene, please let me know. Thanks!

Edit #2: The rating has been changed back to 'Teen' after carefully reviewing the particular scene in "A Break In The Mold [Part Two]" that I had made me change the rating to 'Mature'. If the story is incorrectly tagged as 'Teen' because of that particular scene in the story, please let me know and I'll change it again.

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Somepony once told her that she was pathetic, weak and one of the most useless unicorns to ever walk on the face of Equus. On that day, she vowed to become one of the most powerfulest ponies in all of Equestria- perhaps even more powerful than Celestia herself, but then she disappeared and was never heard from again.

Over a thousand years later, Equestria is prospering in a time of friendship and peace. All attempts to disrupt this have been dealt with and nullified. Oh, but she's been lurking- lurking in the shadows, biding her time and keeping a close eye on those she knows will fight back.

It's now time for the Summer Sun Celebration and she's ready- I'm ready- to make it one nopony will ever forget.

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