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Snowdrop the sexy wolf

Hi Im just a girl who loves ta make and read stories and makein new friends. And Bloging of course. AND IM THE QUEEN OF MUFFINS/CUPCAKES/AND INSANITY! YAY! Sexiness overload

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And lately I've been having this nightmare. Yea, yea everypony/wolf has nightmares but this is the same one over and over again. Surely it would have gone away after a month right? Well it hasn't. Now I fear it's coming true and if I don't stop it some ponies might die!

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Big thanks to Heyah for helping me with this! This is a story about a little filly named Snowdrop and her life changing night (its my nightmare) just a little filly who is somewhat odd....not even the Mane 6 can do anything about it and this little filly has magic stronger than Celestia, Luna, Cadence, and Twilight all teamed up! How will this end?

Chapters (2)
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