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Long ago, Lady Faust painted the world into existence, creating her ponies. But unable to grant them the ability to defend themselves, Faust turned to the help of another, a god like herself to grant it. But the transgressions of her children brought the wrath of a god onto their home. Now, eons later, Twilight sparkle and her friends must shoulder the burden created by their rulers.

This is a dramatised chapter of a script I have written, so here it is for you guys to weigh as you choose to

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Over a millenium ago, a creature was dug up beneath the Crystal Empire— a sleeping god. But as all shall know, a sleeping god still dreams.

Holy bugger I hit the featured box, 12/09/2014. Also, turns out I have a TV TROPES page . http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Fanfic/Millennium

I would like to thank the brilliant C-Conztantine on Deviantart for his allowing me to use his fantastic illustration.

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