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Shadowveil, the complete script · 9:04pm Jan 20th, 2015

I was just reading up on Journey of the Spark earlier today, and it got me thinking about my earlier project shadowveil. For those of you who have not read the demo chapter I posted, Shadowveil was an idea I had to make an animated film that fit between seasons 3 and 4, exploring ideas like Equestria's founding, the extent of the worlds magic, and the concept of gods. What I came up with was a script roughly equivalent to a season opening that explored 'lovecraft-lite' themes influenced by the

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Millennium, Chapter 2 · 9:44pm Nov 23rd, 2014

My wonderful SO churned out a part 2. Enjoy

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Millennium Reading · 6:45pm Nov 3rd, 2014

My beloved girlfriend is working on a readthrough of my story Millennium, and I'm so chuffed about it I thought I'd share part 1.

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My Youtube let's plays · 9:25pm Oct 28th, 2014

Hey there guys, I recently started doing let's plays on my youtube channel, starting with Alien Isolation. Take a gander if you feel like it, and maybe pass it around.

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Shadowveil animation, probably not gonna get made · 10:35pm Sep 10th, 2014

As the above title suggests, the full animation of Shadowveil is very unlikely to be made. Simply put, there is not enough interest in it to warrant me trying to gain the voulantary assistance of animators and such.

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A quick explanation of my very long delay · 11:40am Aug 12th, 2014

Ok, well I feel I ower some of you guys an apology and an explanation. To whittle down to the point, I've had some major problems with depression this past year. I've been on Jobseekers for a VERY long time and things have just got tight from there. However, two months spent in the USA with my girlfriend have brightened me up some, so I can get ticking again.

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A friend in need · 2:04am Mar 13th, 2014

One of my girlfriends friends on tumblr is in a real bad way, and I mean REAL bad. Earlier today I had a talk with him regarding suicide, and truthfully, he needs some good friends. His tumblr is here http://botehfox.tumblr.com/ please, pay him a visit and lend some support.

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Be careful, those of you in Crimea and Russia · 10:20pm Mar 2nd, 2014

Anyone who'se watching the news right now will know things are getting dire in Crimea. So please, everyone be careful, we don't need things worse than they are. And to those of you in Russia, look after yourselves as well. Costs are going to hit hard, so make sure you're prepared.

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Volante Design Sweepstakes, let's have some fun · 11:13pm Feb 6th, 2014

I rarely like to add in competition to a contest, even if doing so grants ME the edge. But in this case, i can't help but do it. To those of you who do not know them, Volante Design create awesome custom clothes based upon film, television and games. And so to the newest addition, they used Devil May Cry as inspiration, and are as such running sweeptakes. I've put in my entry, and I thought i'd bring some others in on the fun. Sure it grants me five additional entries myself, but anyones got a

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Help for a person who drastically needs it (Pounce Appeal) · 3:47pm Jan 4th, 2014

I myself am someone who has a myriad of problems, but I'm fortunate that most of my issues are environmental, or stress. But sadly, the fellow I'm about to talk about is not so fortunate. Whilst I do not socialise very much with others of our fandom, my good friend HorseVoice has alterted me to the fact that a friend of the individual who produced the 'Biblical Monsters' audiobook has recently had a stroke. Whilst in my country we have the NHS and a free healthcare service, Americans are not so

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