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Long ago, Lady Faust painted the world into existence, creating her ponies. But unable to grant them the ability to defend themselves, Faust turned to the help of another, a god like herself to grant it. But the transgressions of her children brought the wrath of a god onto their home. Now, eons later, Twilight sparkle and her friends must shoulder the burden created by their rulers.

This is a dramatised chapter of a script I have written, so here it is for you guys to weigh as you choose to

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I'm on the fence on this one...

This is going to be good!

4907671 I could upload more if you wish

4907707 Well there's not going to be much (if any) more to read.

4909041 :applecry: Will you make the full version of this?...soon?

It's actually a script, i'd sooner get people's feedback to see if it's worth animating fully or leave it if it's a waste of time.

4909164 Well, I would love to see this animated, but, if you decide that it is a waste of time, write the whole story out, please.:scootangel:

4909204 I might. Thus far it's not looking promising.

4995592 And that's as far as it's going to go.

Pity. But that is life. You were using the likes and comments as an indicator I take it? Just curious.

I think it would be cool animated

Well thats a bomb shell of a cliff hanger (what did i just say?) all in all I WANT YOU MORE

6837535 The story does sit complete in a script form, though I am unlikely to convert it.

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