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I am a novice author. Big fan of fan fiction and My little pony.

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This story is a sequel to The New Stallion

A day after the mane 6 has found out spike had magical powers that can let him shapeshift the whole gang is heading towards canterlot to find out answers, will they found out what they are looking for or are they doing this for nothing? Find out in the story

Cover art by Jade Crossroads

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Sequel:The New Stallion's Adventure in Canterlot
When Sweetie Belle finds out her sister, Rarity is dating the new mysterious stallion in town? She gets curious. When she finds out Spike has no problem with this new stallion? She thinks it's odd. When she finds out Rarity has fallen madly in love with this stallion and Spike still has no problems with it? She gets worried.

Now Sweetie Belle is determined to find out who this stallion is. And does Spike really have no problem with this new stallion? Unfortunately, problems arise when she can't get help from her friends who are busy out of town. So instead she is forced to get help from...... Button Mash.

Cover Art by: Jade Crossroads

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