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Heeeeeey! I'm Aiyanna! Nice to meet you!! I love anime and I also love mlp and reading. My favorite thing in the whole wide world ( besides jack-kun ) is thigh highs and sweatshirts. #jackforpresident

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2094584 Your welcome! For some reason the message you sent me didn't come through. so if you want to re-write it and send it to me again you can.

thanks for the follow:pinkiehappy:

okay, thanks for telling me!


it'll be here very soon! :scootangel:

(if you want someone to be notified of a reply, click on the double arrow in the upper right corner of their comment window. It will put the >>numbers thing on it like in this post and it will let me know you replied :scootangel:)

your welcome, i love your story piercing the heavens. I cant wait till chapter 89!

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