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King Mezentio of Algarve

This autistic brony is a fan of the works of Harry Turtledove. Particularly the "Darkness" hexalogy. Anypony know if there is a group for Turtledove fans?

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This is my anthology of stories derived from Bad Seed 72's immensely enjoyable tale "What Hath Joined Together".
These are one-shots or vignettes loosely tied up in to the arc of how I thought the story was going to go over the months of her Hiatus in 2014. Do not mind if they are in anachronological order.
I wrote them down in an old diary with a favourite Parker pen, sometimes stopping altogether when I ran out of ink, (I live on an island where the nearest W.H.Smiths's is in Oban, sixty or seventy miles away and one cannot buy ink re-fills in the local shops.)
I am not bothered about this getting downvotes because one of the main characters is Flash Sentry. I think that Brad and Flash Sentry are two separate persons.

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This is inspired by Bad Seed 72's fanfiction "What Hath Joined Together". But the events in the story are not canon to the story's universe.
The story shows Captain Iron Hoof, the Captain of the Royal Guard, dreaming of his wedding to Princess Twilight Sparkle a little way in to the future of "W.H.J.T."'s timeline.
Meanwhile, Twilight and Flash decide to take a detour while flying home from Pinkie Pie's latest party.

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