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An update on things. 100 subs? · 3:53am Feb 3rd, 2016

Hey all,

Just wanted to touch on some things, let you all know what's up.

I'm doing good, hope you all are the same. Being a dad is tough when you got a sick little boy who will only sleep snuggled up on your chest, eats up a lot of my "creative" time.

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A Step out of the Brony Closet · 6:49pm Jul 30th, 2015

Hey all,

Just wanted to share something that happened to me yesterday.

Was out on a field trip to the Children's Museum with my summer program kids. They had a good time learning, exploring, but more or less having fun.

Anyway, while on site I happened on the gift shoppe, in search of cool science experiment stuff. Instead what do I find? Beanie baby Ponies! Nothing I haven't seen before, but I felt compelled to get one, marked up price be damned!

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A little bit of art · 2:55am Jul 23rd, 2015

Hey all,

Hope life is going well enough for everyone.
I have taken up the brush, as it t'were, and I am amazed spell check suggested 'twerk' instead of 't'were'. Classy, Apple.

Anyway, I have taken up drawing again.

Thanks to word of mouth from some collaborations with other great folks here, I got a lot of new followers! Hey guys! Thanks a lot!

So thought I would show off some old works and some new ones as well!

Check out the authors pages!

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Dragon King : an Issue · 5:49pm Jul 10th, 2015

Hey all,

Hope you are doing well. The reason I am blogging is because I need your input on a problem that has come up.

I was recently meandering around the site here and I found an Admib for a Group named 'Flint Sparks'. For those of you reading Dragon King you know that that is an issue because that is the name I chose for the main character.

What should I do?

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Whatcha think? (Picture connected) · 5:22pm Jun 29th, 2015

Did this a while back on my deviant account and got no feedback. Soooooo yeah

Yeah it's anthro. What do people have against Anthro by the way?

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Fic Recommendations for kids · 7:37pm Apr 17th, 2015

So Just got done reading a few chapters from Anthropology to my after school program kids and they loved it!!!

That leaves me to wonder if I should read them another story.

Any ideas out there?

It has to be school appropriate...

No cursing or close to cursing,

I'd like to shy away from anything remotely sexual even lighter innuedo, even kissing is a little much

Has to be entertaining, and well written

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"Your" Cutie Mark · 5:43pm Apr 14th, 2015

Thanks to all who responded to the last blog, felt good to hear from yall!:ajsmug:


So at the end of the most recent chapter of Dragon King, Flint (you) got your cutie mark standing your ground and protecting the crusaders from a seemingly hostile monster.:pinkiegasp:

So I wanna know,

Whatcha think it is?

Also If you personally had one, what would you want it to be?

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Looking for feedback · 5:58pm Apr 13th, 2015

So all the while I've been writing Dragon King I've had a few ideas where to go with the story. I appreciate all the fav's but still I'd really like some feedback. I can't get better if I hear nothing. Do you like it? Hate it? Why? What do you think will happen? What would you like to happen?

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