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A Step out of the Brony Closet · 6:49pm Jul 30th, 2015

Hey all,

Just wanted to share something that happened to me yesterday.

Was out on a field trip to the Children's Museum with my summer program kids. They had a good time learning, exploring, but more or less having fun.

Anyway, while on site I happened on the gift shoppe, in search of cool science experiment stuff. Instead what do I find? Beanie baby Ponies! Nothing I haven't seen before, but I felt compelled to get one, marked up price be damned!

Sure enough they had the one I wanted, but I paused. I have been a closet Brony for almost a year now, and being [#[^]*+ years old now, with two kids, it should be silly for a grown man to buy a stuffed girly pony for HIMSELF.

Granted my students saw the ponies and were excited. They know of my passion for the show and share it, I even converted many of them in to liking it over the course of the summer.

So with that bit of encouragement, I proceeded to the checkout, heavier one plush pony. I hand the doll over to the cashier, prepared to say it was for my daughter if need be; I've gotten 'looks' in the past for similar affairs.

Instead she smiles takes the pony and says,

"So is this for someone you know who is an Applejack fan? Or are you?"

Again, I paused, and reponded.

"I'm an Applejack fan." With a smile.

"Your a Brony too?" She said.


After that was a brief discussion of who was Best Pony, Applejack or Pinkie Pie.

In that moment I carried my "Lil Jackie" in my pocket with pride, I didn't feel awkward or ashamed, but most importantly, I didn't feel alone.

On the way out we thanked the cashier for our time. Then my class and I told her who best pony was together

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What a day that must have been. Take good care of Lil Jackie

3282591 it was a fun field trip. As you can see she has a place of honor on my trophy shelf, and is carried by a well behaved child when we go around the center.

Thanks for taking the time to read my little experience.

Welcome to open bronydom bud. We welcome you with open arms and cupcakes. Lots of cupcakes :pinkiecrazy:

3283537 Another virtue of this fandom that is over looked the comrader.... Oh god, not CUPCAKES!!!!!

3379301 thanks I still felt silly, but that's sorta my job as a teacher for young kids. Call that excuse or a cover.

3379319 Still it sounds like you had an amazing experience. :twilightsmile:

By the by, did you see my story recommendations on the thread of yours?

3379364 Hmmmm, no I can't seem to find them. Send them to me if you please.

I'm glad that you followed me so that I could click your name and find this blog.

About a month ago, my mother-in-law invited us over for dinner, and she surprised me with a late birthday party. Then she gave me a present, which I was surprised to find was a Brony T-shirt. I was never really sure how okay they were with me being a brony, and it was nice to know that they supported me.

Anyway, thanks for sharing, and I'm glad that you feel a little more comfortable with who you are. It's important to never forget to love what makes you different. Happy reading/writing!:twilightsmile:

3379908 Thanks man.

Your an inspiration! I was first introduced to your work when I was looking for stories to read to my class.

Any one in particular that stands out as being fun for school age kids?

I specifically wrote Flight of Fantasy, You Really Bug Me, and The Wish of a Filly for kids around ages 8-12. That was also the intended age for Love Your Difference, but that may be a bit too long for them. It was also written for those who have never seen the show before, so if they know it well, they may get bored with all the exposition.

Thanks for your interest!


That blog entry is just so awesome! I hope you don't mind if I say that I'm downright proud of you! You not only stood proud but got to meet another Brony/Pegasister in the process (I don't think you said which but I could be wrong. My eyes aren't that good.)

So, here you go! Straight from your favorite Pony!


And, of course, one from me because you've definitely earned it! /)*(\ :twilightsmile:

...It's always nice to find another brony, unfortunately I can't really relate to them anymore since I stopped watching the show. The fandom makes much better material in my opinion.

3381672 Eeeeeeeeeee Applejack!!!!!!!!

(I'm a guy!). Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

3381718 I know! Right? But then something becomes canon in the show and you potentially miss it, then look dumb.

I am writing a Sonata piece and haven't seen all of Rainbow Rocks. Hopefully I don't F up


So, I'm a guy, too. :twilightsmile:

3381790 Wait! No I get it, I misread what you meant, the cashier was a She, so pegasister

Nice! It's always nice to meet a Pegasister. Well, a Brony too. :twilightsmile:

Applejack is best pony! And I wish I had a plush in like that. The don't really exist over here.:ajsleepy:

To me, Nyx is best pony. I don't care what anyone says, she's still best pony. Canon-osity be damned!

While I think Twilight is best pony, I do like Applejack. I also find this to be a touching story, if I may say so myself. Personally I've never actually meat any other Brony or Pegasister, but while I don't try to hide that I am one, I do not go tell everyone. Hopefully something similar might happen to me. But enough about me, this was a great story and I glad for thee! :twilightsmile:

I love happy stories ^_^

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