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Dragon King : an Issue · 5:49pm Jul 10th, 2015

Hey all,

Hope you are doing well. The reason I am blogging is because I need your input on a problem that has come up.

I was recently meandering around the site here and I found an Admib for a Group named 'Flint Sparks'. For those of you reading Dragon King you know that that is an issue because that is the name I chose for the main character.

What should I do?

Change it? To what? The name itself was a play on the character's origin, so I'd rather not, but still they did have that name first.

Should I ignore it? Hope they don't notice? Try a different spelling?


Report Sipioc · 189 views ·
Comments ( 2 )

I wouldn't change it; I'd ignore it and if they do notice, big deal. I doubt they've got a copyright on the name. In a fandom this large, in inevitable that some people choose the same name. I wouldn't let it bother you.

3241596 I guess, it more bothered me than anything else. I did wind up changing it. It's now "Flint Hearth"; "Flint" after Sparks, and "Hearth" after Cozy. Also it sounds like "Flint Heart" meaning "cold hearted".

Thanks for the feedback!

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