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Right after the graduation ceremony at CHS, Twilight, Sunset and the rest of the Rainbooms are discussing their future, when a new piece of information shocks everyone: Sunset Shimmer is going back to Equestria. Starting again as a student, Sunset must now cope with both not being able to see her friends at the human world all the time and making new friends in Equestria, all while studying under Princess Twilight. Will she be able to deal with all that?

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Summer vacations. When your friends are close, it's one of the best things in the world. However, when all of Sunset's friends but one are unavailable, she turns to the one friend she can: Twilight Sparkle.
After Princess Twilight left, she met this Twilight, and after some time, they became best friends. But could this summer day at her friend's house change how Sunset feels?

Proofread by jackwhitesmemefarm.
Cover art by Riouku, check out her DeviantArt.

Chapters (3)
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