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Right after the graduation ceremony at CHS, Twilight, Sunset and the rest of the Rainbooms are discussing their future, when a new piece of information shocks everyone: Sunset Shimmer is going back to Equestria. Starting again as a student, Sunset must now cope with both not being able to see her friends at the human world all the time and making new friends in Equestria, all while studying under Princess Twilight. Will she be able to deal with all that?

Chapters (3)
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Good start let's see how this goes.

This sounds good so far. I can't wait to read more.

Okay, interested in more. No, I hope the story will deliver.

“Thanks, Twilight. I know I’ll use it a lot there.”

So Equestria, the land where magic and science are pretty much the same thing, doesn't have devices or spells to detect magical radiation or signatures?

Thanks, and don't worry, I'm already working on the next chapter.

6487278 While I get what you're saying, there are two points that I must say: First, it's a gift from a friend she won't see for a long time. It has sentimental value. Second, while there could be a spell for detecting magic signatures, this object does it without the need of spellcasting. Also, from what we have seen, science isn't exactly advanced in Equestria. A simple cider making machine was huge, imagine something that could track magical energies. And that same machine was powered manually by the Flim Flam Brothers' magic power, while this small object doesn't need any external power outputs. And science and magic aren't "pretty much the same thing". Doctor Whooves says, on Slice of Life, that there are things that magic can't explain, and that's when science comes in.

6487308 I'm just going to address the science-technology-magic bit, as I can agree with the rest.

Dr. Whooves can't use magic (although being a pony, he has it). We see the study of magic from the perspective of a pony capable of magic, and it is decidedly scientific and uses some pretty advanced technology.
The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 was, specifically, a machine that breached into the agricultural domain that has traditionally been dominated by earth ponies. Considering that they've got loudspeakers, trains, and (some) vehicles that aren't pulled by ponies, it looks most likely that the SSCS6K was remarkable because of how it violated tradition (and possibly simply because what it created tasted about as good as what earth ponies made--it's established that their magic is closely ground to the growth of plants, so its reasonable to think that earth pony-harvested food is better than that harvested by other ponies).

If a pony couldn't cast spells, would it not be expected for magic and science to be two completely different things from their perspective? Magic has laws that can't be broken, rules that it always follows, and has results that can be repeated in controlled environments. The only times this is otherwise is when they don't understand enough about the magic at hand, when said magic is chaos magic, or when Pinkie Pie Pinkie Pies. The study of magic is no different than any other area of scientific study, except it has hugely wider applications than... well, anything.

The good Doctor says that magic can't explain everything--it can't. Just like hydrodynamics can't explain asteroseismology, or evolution can explain quantum physics. But magic is inextricably intertwined with nature in Equestria--the weather doesn't happen without pegasus magic, plants don't grow without earth pony magic, the heavens don't do anything without being moved by pony magic (considering that ponies aren't everywhere, there have to be some other magical creatures maintaining weather elsewhere. We know that windigos can bring winter, just like ponies can--it makes sense that other beings would likewise be able to keep the seasons and weather going in the absence of ponies).

Friendship is a form of magic, and so is love--and his fireworks didn't work right until love was introduced! And for all his centuries of study (presuming he's talking about himself, and not in the "standing atop the shoulders of giants" sense), he never managed to accomplish time travel--why, when it is clearly possible? We already know that he's a ditzy, forgetful doofus with more intelligence than common sense. His one big flaw, from everything that I see, is that he's trying to look at science as something wholly removed from magic.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Science.

6487661 First:

The good Doctor

That reminded me of a Protomen song by the same name.
Second: I understand well what you said about magic and science, but we still must comprehend one thing: Is human science the same as Pony science? The humans normally don't have magic, so I think it's safe to say the science works differently. They didn't have the same means to research it as the ponies. But that's just my theory, and you can have a different opinion.

6487951 No, that works for me. Distinguishing human science and pony science as different it fine, and actually something I rather like the idea of.

Except for Pinkology. The study of Pinkie Pie is exactly the same in both dimensions, in the sense that it doesn't work.

6488114 Pinkology is the proof that magic can't explain everything. Neither can science, for that matter. When you think you understand Pinkie, you don't.
Also, great to know that we reached a consensus on the whole "Magic x Science" thing. Even better, it helped me with a part of the next chapter that I was having some trouble with. Thanks for bringing up that point.

Another good chapter. This keeps getting better and better.

Good work, and I would help, if i didn't have like two stories that I'm writing and busy life as is...sorry.

6489150 Thanks. And believe it or not, this hasn't even started yet.
6489246 Don't worry, I understand. This thing called "school" has been taking almost all of my time.

6490022 Oh I'm sure. I can't wait to read more.

That was pretty good. I can't wait to see what happens next.

Meh, don't worry on a mere week gap between chapters. A year? Okay THEN, comments might bitchy. Kinda like DT's mom, ugh!
Nice chapter, waiting for more.

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