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As a writer of fiction both non and fan, I want to give you what I can make.


on Hiatus for revisory work · 6:57pm Tuesday

Hey guys,

Here soon, you'll see some strange activity going on with the Troubled Creature.

what I'm doing is pulling the breaks on the story's progression to rework the current chapters to fix the slew of continuity errors as well adjustments here and there that just kept popping up as I went along with the story.

sorry for the long delay of anything as of late too (since I'm here, I'll just address this):

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KO-FI! · 7:39am Jul 11th, 2018

Sooo, In recent times, I have been thinking about something.

Eventually, I'll be able to gain enough popularity that people will start asking the question:

"how can I help this guy?"
"Where can I support this guy?"
"Why is he not really asking for help from anyone?"

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How to pony gun? · 9:53am May 22nd, 2018

So, I've been buzzing my brain on how to realistically make the all so familiar firearms work in descriptive writing.

I've seen, heard and read some interesting depictions of this puzzle:

from just using your fetlock to pull the trigger.
wrist-mounted guns
or brandishing firearms in magic or wings
etc, etc, etc.

there is even a story that features augmentation to accommodate themselves to use guns.

then there is my vision of this gun puzzle:

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ADHD or procrastination? · 10:07pm Apr 6th, 2018

Ugh, so I have just recently published the 13th chapter to my book and I wanted to start work on something else then. The brain strikes back.

What happens goes like this: I start writing or mostly stare at the screen, read a few lines then click onto something else, open/close several different stories, try to start but my hands hesitate to touch the keyboard or barely get a few words onto the page.

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An auxiliary unit's cadence Running Song · 10:37am Feb 13th, 2018

I've been brainstorming a scene from one of my stories that I have yet to write and I did not want to forget the cadence the characters chant before pulling a stunt that would put them in the spotlight of that part of the book.

So here we are
Here we are
Runnin' on
Runnin' on
baking under
Baking under
The morning sun
Morning sun/i]

Members of the Aux-iliary
Members of the Aux-liary
Misfits we are, so here we run

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Walking strong and placeing an "open" sign · 7:27am Oct 30th, 2017

There has been a crap ton of things that have been happening as of late.

I mean, most of it real life stuff and I don't think I should really get into that as I'm not really too sure if anyone really minds reading that kind of dramatic blah.

either way though, good stuff to at least note is:

I got a replacement computer, so no more typing from a wireless keyboard connected to my phone. yay!

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waterlogged... · 11:44am Dec 24th, 2015

So, a while back. While I was napping for work as well my son was having his after noon nap with my wife to be the only one up.

While having a smoke she had been keeping an eye in it since she uses imvu on this laptop too.

So, when she turned her back for a second then looked back again to see water leaking out arond it.

Later on, a friend of a friend took it apart and declared my poor laptop fried on arrival...

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Mining the Writer's block · 3:44pm Oct 13th, 2015

As of late, between work, life and all-the-in-between, I have ran head first into a problem.

Writers block, correction Writer's Block mountain and it has been very hard to scale over as of late. I can only guess that I have been stuck because of the intense amount of stress going on in life as well being tired all the time. one would only think that I have busted my brain to an inoperable point.

But I have to ask folks, how does one get over writers block?

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Naming Names and snailing along · 1:55am Aug 14th, 2015

What I've been finding entertaining as of late is that so far, on two occasions, has my new screen name, Clockwork Pen has been Unique enough to use on the PSN and Just minuets ago, LegendsOfEquestria. sure, I just opened that account but I'll try to keep tabs on it when I can get a steam ball rollin' here.

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New Avatar! · 7:58am Jul 27th, 2015

Thanks to a good friend of mine and talented artist Backlash91.

He recently finished my Icon which you can see now here on FIMFICTION.net!

A sign that I am not dead just very, very inactive as I am working hard at juggling life and writing but stuff will start to appear more once I can get more time with my writing.

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