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What up fellow ponies and creatures! I go by RyujinDeath, your neighborhood Dragon at your service. I like to hang with friends, gaming like League of Legends and such. Anyone want to friend me?

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Well this is my first story for MLP so go easy on me please, but right now I'm bringing Nastu and Laxus to Equestria. Though there's a little change to it because I felt I should make a story of it, so Nastu is a girl being named Naru and is younger sister to Laxus for them being both dragons, but they could be humans in disguise. Okay so right now this story is about when Laxus and Naru went on an S rank job which they need to defeat a strong like demon monster, but upon their battle with this monster a huge white explosion comes out from nowhere which sending Naru, Laxus and the monster to Equestria. So what will happen to Naru and Laxus hmm?

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