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What up fellow ponies and creatures! I go by RyujinDeath, your neighborhood Dragon at your service. I like to hang with friends, gaming like League of Legends and such. Anyone want to friend me?


New Story Need Help! · 2:36am Nov 30th, 2013

Dear Fimfiction Readers and Fans,

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Feeling Awesome · 4:49am Jan 29th, 2013

Author: Snowflake............are you feeling awesome?
Snowflake: YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Author: Are you sure?
Snowflake: YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Author: YEAH!!!!!!!!!!.........that's AWESOME!!!!!!!
Author *turns to the bronies*
Author: Are you bronies feeling awesome?

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Writers Block · 9:33pm Jan 28th, 2013

Okay, I'm having writers block now for "The Prettiest Mare". I'm trying to think of what fighting scene that would be interesting in the next chapter. So, I'm going to do this here. If anyone that could send me comments or PM me on any thoughts or ideas they could think of for the fighting scene I'll be grateful with this. Plus other ideas would help with Little Macareina and Pinkie Pie doing at the fighting scene too. Thanks for your time >:3

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