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A Wild Eyesore Appeared!

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If that were true, she wouldn't be a curator and night manager on EA. Again, slander. Knock it off.

Cy would never do something so bad to me to make me leave, she's one of my closest friends on the Amino and is extremely helpful. I dare call her a second mother to me, of sorts.

Thank you for the offer.

My apologies, she has just done a lot to hurt a lot of people I apologize for making the assumption that you left because of something she did.

It actually brings me a lot of relief to know that it wasn't her, I can stop worrying so much.

But either way my offer is open, if you do need someone to talk to I am here. And I am an easy person to talk to.

It would be nice if you wouldn't slander my friend on my page.

TwT well I hope it gets better, if ever youbneed someone to talk to or even to vent to I'm right here.

Also, if this is the fault of one Cyanide pony... we can talk about that as well... I don't want to assume, but she has caused a LOT of troubles in my life, despite me bending over backwards to try and be nice and try to help her.

Honestly I don't use this place as much as I should, seeing how I don't create stories often. I like to write, I just don't do it enough.

And yeah, kinda ditched EA for a bit.

  • Viewing 5 - 9 of 9
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