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  • EA Nightmareish Apprentice
    Twilight didn't flare up when hatching Spike. She didn't hatch him at all! Still though, she got accepted as the youngest student ever to get into that school, and managed to attract a different princess. Nightmare Moon.
    FluffyDoom · 8.2k words  ·  66  10 · 2.7k views
  • TNot Alone
    Spike finds a female dragon after she crashes near Ponyville. Dragging her back she stays there for a week in a magical induced coma, giving many ponies the chance to study the dragon species. When she awakes though, she lashes out and wont stay.
    FluffyDoom · 11k words  ·  40  5 · 1.1k views
  • EShape-Shifting101 for Changelings.
    Tippy the male changeling was very excited. Today was the day he would begin his life as a teacher, a useful tool for the hive. And he wouldn't be just any teacher, he would teach those bugs how to morph!
    FluffyDoom · 4k words  ·  15  0 · 643 views
  • TTwin Night Terror's
    An old pony’s tale draws two twins to everfree forest. When they find the tale to be true, one soon regrets the adventure, while the other enjoys the outcome a little too much.
    FluffyDoom · 52k words  ·  29  4 · 869 views