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Golden Graham

Has an affinity for pancakes, waffles, and all manner of breakfast foods. Runs a bed and breakfast in the heart of Ponyville. Also hosts a weekly game of Myths and Mayhem. Avatar made by DarrianMH.

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Golden Graham is a young pegasus stallion who owns a bed and breakfast in the middle of Ponyville, and where he works alongside his childhood friend and all-around party-mare, Creme de Menthe. As the town's fame grows in the wake of all the goings on with the Elements of Harmony, more and more visitors begin to frequent their quaint cobblestone streets, and Graham finds himself swamped with work, finding it difficult to enjoy his free time anymore.

So finally, he decides that he's going to take some time off every week to enjoy himself and spend some time socializing with friends. And it just so happens that his old friend from high school, Higgs Boson - a nerdy unicorn who loves science - is looking to start up a Myths and Mayhem campaign.

Soon enough, Creme de Menthe gets invited to join, and she manages to rope her friend Lemon Meringue Pie, a professional pastry chef from Manehattan, to join the game as well during her weekly forays to Ponyville. The game also strikes the interest of a young foreign unicorn mare named Rising Sun, a visiting diplomat from the land of Haysia, as well as her escort, Stainless Steel - an obsessive compulsive pegasus who serves in the royal guard.

Art by GrandpaLove.

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