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Just a dude who plays Warframe excessively on Xbox.

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I went to Crunchyroll Expo cosplaying as my favorite character from the anime 'Bleach', and now I'm stuck in the middle of a battle between Twilight and Tirek. Oh, and did I mention I'm in Equestria now? I'm pretty sure I didn't, but that's besides the point. I have a mirror to find, and the human world to return to. Maybe Princess Celestia will help me find the mirror, who knows?

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Discord is widely believed by the public to have been the one and only God of Chaos. Celestia believes that Twilight is ready for the truth after ascending to alicornhood. The original God of Chaos was a human, and pushed the world to the brink of annihilation in his quest to force the evolution of the sentient races.

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I was on my way to Tennocon in Quebec, dressed as my personal Tenno from the game Warframe. I saw a costume shop with a perfect looking Amp, and stepped inside to buy it, and upon putting it on my arm found myself in Equestria. I was turned to stone by Celestia because of a misunderstanding about my powers, and now I do my own thing in Equestria, occasionally helping at Celestia's behest.

A Displaced story, will be doing crossovers if approached for them. However, I won't do a crossover if there is no reason to.

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