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This story is a sequel to Scary Story

PRINCESS HEART, a changeling princess and a daughter of Queen Chrysalis from Hive Chrysalis unable to shapeshift has been travelling all over the omniverse protecting it from the evil villains that would seek to destroy everything for their amusement. Today her journey has brought her to a specific universe in Equestria's multiverse to undo an evil mind controlling Geas curse that's been casted repeatedly for the last 1000 years by an Earth pony mare from Discord's time before his original imprisonment by the princesses of the Sun and Moon, Celestia & Luna.

Now watch as she exposes a villain who stole the filly, Applebloom's body for their own using the Geas and body switching spells to achieve immortality and how she'll make sure things are as they should be again and undo a tragedy caused by the actions of this mare. They'll travel eventually to Tartarus and meet Tirek the Centaur Ruler, Overlord and Judge in Tartarus to judge the mare for her crimes against Equestria.

This story is a sequel to Scary Story by Diamond Sparkle a wonderful writer and RPER. I wrote this story from a chat RP we did to tie up loose ends from the original story and change a tragic ending to a happy one.

A few references here and there are sure to amuse you all. And as a challenge to you readers, can you guess what each reference is and where they're from or what they're to?

Also to those who might be wondering, a Geas is a very vile and evil curse that controls the mind and body, forcing it to the will of the caster. If they want you to never speak of what they did to you, of using a Geas on you, they will order it and the Geas will imprint it in your mind. No attempts to reveal it yourself will work, it would take outside help to find out and break it. If they switch bodies with you, then use the Geas, they can make it to where you can never tell anyone who you really are and who the imposter is. Any attempts to do so whether by saying your name or even writing your name down will only come out as the name of the person who's body you're trapped in. Interestingly enough the series Code Geass may have used this concept for the Geass power seeing how there are similarities between the 2 now that I think about it.

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