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(All Special Thanks and information are included in the Preface. Please be reminded this story is NOT in the "Chess Game of the Gods" universe.)

Enter Fatum Fortis Vocat Redux.

While taking a casual hike in a nearby park, Travis soon finds himself lost. What happens next will not only change his entire idea of reality, but quite possibly make him the last hope for two worlds...

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(Constructive Criticism is greatly welcomed! Thanks to Avorin and Petro! for being awesome editors!)

Enter Pro Temerarus es Fautor.

Set before the events of Fatum Fortis Vocat Redux, Twilight Sparkle is one day asked by Princess Luna to investigate a strange tome. The author of the tome, a pony by the name of Quadrivium, had apparently written his book to hold powerful spells of magic. The problem, Twilight soon finds out, is deciphering it. With the help of a later written book, Twilight investigates the meanings of the cryptic tome and soon finds herself in more than she ever bargained for.

Author Notes:
This story is the precursor to the rewrite of Fatum Fortis Vocat. It was originally intended to be a one-shot story for blawrg, whom randomly made a suggestion/request in some manner. Then, as I saw the potential in it, I decided to go ahead and use this opportunity to make way for the rewrite. I will be placing a heavy emphasis on the appearance of Luna and Twilight here, so forgive me for not doing a full "mane six" version. It will probably be about four to five chapters long, so I hope you enjoy it.

Please also note that the human names and organizations, such as links to pictures and explanations, are from my minds imagined world of Anagonia. It was to be, originally, the setting for Fatum Fortis Vocat (Non-Pony version). It is currently the setting for many of my other non-published non-pony related stories.

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This is the story of Grief Stricken, one of the greatest generals for the Kingdom of Farfoot. Together with some journal entries we discover that war has its costs and sometimes even the strongest choose to walk away.

This story is created for Timefather64. Hope you enjoy!

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