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Don't be afraid to PM me or leave a post. I always try to reply! I pray that my penchant for quirky action far outshines my clunky authorship. (I regularly purge personal/update blog posts.)

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We were good together. Our relationship always had the occasional rough patch due to our differences, but nothing like this ever happened. I love her, but I don't know what to do...

First person Octavia/Vinyl.

*Indefinite Hiatus* - Needs some retooling anyway.

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Well into her career as the illustrious DJ-PON3, Vinyl Scratch suffers from a depression brought on by loneliness. Uninspired and coasting through gigs, she can't seem to find anything to fill a growing void in herself.

After opening up to new things and ideas, as well as befriending another pony, she begins to regain her inspiration and fill the void.

*Cancelled - Legacy work*

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Twilight lives a comfortable, expected life with the security of being surrounded by her mentors and friends. As she grows into a model unicorn, a dangerous being takes hold of the volatile Brood and drives them to war, breaking a long period of peace. After years of preparation for a higher order, Twilight is chosen to ascend beyond that of a typical sorcerer in a mysterious plan to counter the impending conflict.

During her dark, trying mission Twilight will discover a caged soul and unknowingly set them free, gradually acquiring an affinity for the darkness as a result. As she struggles within deepening conflict, she must push on and fight for what she believes in. With manipulation, deceit, and betrayal storming around, will she be able to contain herself and protect those she loves, or will she succumb to the creeping darkness and abandon everything she stands for?

*Warning: Comments may contain spoilers.*

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