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The name's Volde. Well, at least that's what I called myself when I got here. My old name is unimportant now, forgotten. I was sent here for some reason, I don't know why I was chosen to be sent here of all people, I'm not at all remarkable. A lot of the people you hear about coming here are usually smart, fast, or are good fighters in general. Not me though, I was just your average joe, just sinking into the background and going with the flow while staying quiet most of the time. I guess this was some kind of ironically sick joke that the person who sent me here was playing. It's weird and ironic at the same time, I was always quiet and just formed myself to fit other people, and now I'm like this for good.


Well, this is original, right? Another HiE type deal, totally hasn't been done a million times before.

A couple quick things:

-- This story is rated Teen due to blood, violence, and colourful language.
-- The prologue to the story is rushed and was only made so that I could finally get the idea out of my head quickly. I'm only adding this here to ask that people don't judge the entire story based on that little mini-chapter.
-- This entire situation is inspired by, BUT IS NOT APART OF the world of Griffin the Griffin and The Ballad of Echo the Diamond Dog

-- Enjoy!

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This is a story of a stallion being stuck in a very odd position. He is trapped in restraints with no vision of the room around him, with only the sound of a leaking pipe to let him know he is still alive and must figure out why he is there or how he got there. The story goes back into his memories of the previous day in order to do so as he tries to find any and every possible way to escape.

Very mild amounts of blood do appear.

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