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The name's Volde. Well, at least that's what I called myself when I got here. My old name is unimportant now, forgotten. I was sent here for some reason, I don't know why I was chosen to be sent here of all people, I'm not at all remarkable. A lot of the people you hear about coming here are usually smart, fast, or are good fighters in general. Not me though, I was just your average joe, just sinking into the background and going with the flow while staying quiet most of the time. I guess this was some kind of ironically sick joke that the person who sent me here was playing. It's weird and ironic at the same time, I was always quiet and just formed myself to fit other people, and now I'm like this for good.


Well, this is original, right? Another HiE type deal, totally hasn't been done a million times before.

A couple quick things:

-- This story is rated Teen due to blood, violence, and colourful language.
-- The prologue to the story is rushed and was only made so that I could finally get the idea out of my head quickly. I'm only adding this here to ask that people don't judge the entire story based on that little mini-chapter.
-- This entire situation is inspired by, BUT IS NOT APART OF the world of Griffin the Griffin and The Ballad of Echo the Diamond Dog

-- Enjoy!

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This is nice, I hope you continue.

Great story bro, but if you can please reduce the swearing. :scootangel:

747707 I do plan on continuing it. At least once my internet is stable again.

748145 Excellent! I am so glad you have decided not to kill me!:yay:

751532 Yeah, I guess I did go a bit excessive on that. The character is pretty vulgar, especially when he's confused or in danger. I'll try and cut down on that in the chapters to come.:twilightsmile:

Dish pleases meh. You will be spared.

EDIT: wait, someone said this already? Fine. I won't spare you.

You're not falling, you're floating aggressively!

877364 You have no idea how much your comment made me laugh. :twilightsmile:

I am currently looking for pre-readers if anyone is interested.


I thought "for the storm" was a Warcraft ref.

893029 How so? I don't know much about Warcraft. I imagine it has to do with the main cities? I do know that one of them is called Stormwind. So I assume that's what you're referring to.

1188884 Ah! Hey there! Good to finally see someone interested. I'll be sure to give you access to the next chapter, when I finally manage to get off my lazy butt and finish it. Although, first I'm going to have to figure out how to give someone access to a chapter before publishing...

893686 Okay, this is a really late reply, but I just realized that I got the reference there wrong. So yea, I guess it was an unintentional reference to Warcraft now, because I got the quote wrong and it doesn't make sense with the actual quote. :twilightsheepish:

Alright. I hope this was worth the incredibly long wait.

A couple things I need to make note of.

First and foremost: This is not in any way meant to be a part of the Chess Game of the Gods. I don't want it to be apart of that universe. There will be no crossovers. I will simply be making the occasional nod towards the two fics that caused me to want to write this, such as the one in this chapter.

Second: Canon characters. Aside from the cameo of Nurse Redheart, there probably won't be any, at least not until VERY far down the line.

Third, and this is just random: The title of this chapter is a reference to(if you haven't guessed it already) Little Shop of Horrors. There are also some other references to stuff throughout the chapter, but after all this time, I don't remember what they were. Oh, and the carnival music was already used for a popular fic named Sweetie's Mansion, but I couldn't find any other decent versions of the music.

Fourth: This one goes hand in hand with the first thing. A character in this will be said to be related to a character that is prominent in Griffin the Griffin. Not canon in that universe, never will be. I just want to make that clear if anything that is said about a character in my story conflicts with what is said about the character that they're related to in that story. In fact there already is something that conflicts with it, however, like I said, this isn't apart of that universe and there will be differences.

Next chapter will probably be longer than this one, or maybe not, because I'm just going to dump everything else into the next chapter with this carnival scene. That includes, but is not limited to, the rest of the setup and the big fight scene.

It's very good. I'm slightly confused at the height of the bear, but i probibily missed it.
Very good work and i look forward to the next chapter
-Shadow Flare.

Good work dude ;)
cant wait for the next update (damn cliffhanger :raritycry: )^^

Oh right, there was one thing I forgot to talk about in the previous post. The character in this is not a self-insert. He has a few similar qualities to me, but for the most part, he is very different from me.

1419607 I actually don't believe I ever eluded to how tall the bear was. I didn't think there was much of a need to do so, mainly because I don't know exactly how big bears are. So basically I would just go with the average height of a grizzly bear.
And thank you for the compliment, that always means a lot to me.

1420135 Thanks!:twilightsmile:

I will definitely try to get the next one out a lot faster than this one. I don't know how long that will be, what with all my school stuff I have to focus on, but I'll try to be much faster with my updates, and hopefully be more consistent.


I'm liking this fic.

Also, I've never read Chess game of the gods, but were the wanted posters a nod to that fic or another?

1459698 Whoa, deva vu. I just saw a comment from you on another fic with that picture and had the picture opened in another tab for future use when you commented on this.:derpytongue2:
And thank you for the compliment! Always appreciated!

Yes, the wanted posters were the nod towards Griffin the Griffin. The Chess Game of the Gods isn't a single fic, but a huge series of fics by various writers that are all a part of the same universe.

1459909 lol, you like that pic eh? Made it myself. I was thinking that was a nod to a different fic. Griffin's on my read later, much like this here fic was.

The lack of John Cena in this fight was unfortunate.
Great for a first fight scene

Wow i reached the end very fast, you got a good story going on here, but we can only hope you continue, you got my fave.

This was actually really good. I'm not only sad it died, but am sad it died on such a cliffhanger.

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