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This is a story of a stallion being stuck in a very odd position. He is trapped in restraints with no vision of the room around him, with only the sound of a leaking pipe to let him know he is still alive and must figure out why he is there or how he got there. The story goes back into his memories of the previous day in order to do so as he tries to find any and every possible way to escape.

Very mild amounts of blood do appear.

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I thought he would be stuck under the sink on the library's kitchen, but this works too.

666980 Ha! I didn't even think about that when I originally finished this like 4 months ago. That would have been hilarious. At least to me.

And yay for you, being the only person to comment on this in the long time since I put it up.:yay:


Or... I think so. Hopefully.

1162410 If you mean that you believe it was an intentional troll fic, no, it wasn't. It's just terrible, probably because it's the first thing I ever attempted to write. It was rushed and semi-forced, at least the ending was. Was planning to make it longer and not have such a "bleh" ending, but I had a limit so I had to rush the ending so I didn't go too far over the limit. Someone suggested I revise it and make it not as terrible, but my inspiration with this ended shortly after I finished it back in March and I moved on to other things.

1173327 First comment in a long time....


Don't ask me, I have no idea.

Wait.... :facehoof:

1176271 Oh... Ha! I get it now. I completely missed the point of your comment at first. :twilightblush:.

1194188 :rainbowlaugh: Ah, don't worry about it, I got a laugh outta this anyway!

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