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Ugh... · 12:16am Dec 28th, 2013

Let me clear the Moonverse stuff up. Somebody thinks that Luna turned evil and banished her sister, making her the baddie, but that is not what happened.
Sorry, it's not your fault. I should have been clearer.
Okay... Celestia and Luna became demigods after they banished Discord to stone or however it went because the power in holding three of them was too much for ordinary ponies.

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Thanks for the fave! :pinkiehappy:

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PrincessFlameFlare's Moonverse Stories

1000 years ago, two demigod sisters ruled over the land with harmony. They pretended to be perfect and have no problems, even though the youngest, Luna, was getting increasingly jealous of her elder sister, and the eldest was spending all her time trying to become a full goddess, stopping only to raise the sun.

Then one day, she found a spell that would turn her into a goddess, but it needed a sacrifice to work. She went after her sister who was forced to banish her to her beloved sun, accidentally alleviating herself to godhood in the process and becoming Nightmare Moon.

Since then she watched over the land, just in case her sister comes back, looking for a new sacrifice...

But that will never happen... Right?