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I like writing stories. I also watch MLP


Possibly Not Coming Back · 2:53pm Apr 15th, 2017

Sorry I haven't been posting much around here recently. I've come to say I've lost interest in the story I was currently working on, and most likely will not write anymore stories on here, since Fanfiction and Wattpad are sites I mostly write on. Also, since I'm not a brony, I just don't feel encouraged to write this story anymore, so I'm saying that the story is now cancelled. Also, a story that I wrote (now deleted) had some comments that gave some creative criticism that I, for some stupid

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That's alright. I'm just here to read, write, and make some new friends! :eeyup:

1115667 No thanks. But thanks for the offer. i'm not being mean.

Oh! If ya could, would you like to join the Kids of the Fimfics? :twistnerd:

Thanks. :rainbowkiss: I love this site!

Welcome to fimfiction, from your friendly neighborhood Planyx, dood! :pinkiehappy:

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