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Dear Haters! · 9:08am Mar 8th, 2014

Hello, haters!

Who has the fandom, takes the internet, but, bad news everypony, 'cause guess who? Ha! Listen you lot you're all clacking about on your keyboards and it's really very distracting. Could you all just stay still a minute because I AM TALKING!

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Character Tags · 9:48pm Mar 6th, 2014

What really pisses me off is the character tag selection for stories.

There's basically every single character from every single episode to choose from, but you're only allowed to choose five.

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My Little Luna Sequel! Editor Needed! · 10:06pm Jan 10th, 2014

For the few of you who actually look at my blog posts, I'm planning on writing a few more fics not just a sequel for MLL and I want a couple people to help me work long-term on them. This includes planning the ideas, plot, characters, and so on. Keep in mind this will be outside of your own personal commitments such as school, jobs etc and I'll be considerate as can be towards those.

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I NEED AN EDITOR!!! · 8:52am Dec 13th, 2013

Since my usual go-to person is inactive for a while I need someone else.

Is there anyone that I can use on a go-to basis on a whim? Coinciding with both our schedules for the convenience.

I'm trying to write an Evil Twilight fanfic and need someone to review the chapter I've got written up. Editing duties will include: Checking for spelling and grammar mistakes, and building on details and adding more to the chapters to make them longer.

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