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  • Sunday
    Story update time!

    So, yeah... I haven't written much for TEP in over a year, but not without good reason.

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  • 65 weeks
    Alright alright alright...

    OK, some long overdue explanations are necessary.

    First off, how 'bout that Rona, eh?

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    Repeat information ch 21 and 22

    Chapter 22, the most recent, was chopped up from leftover information from ch21, which lead there to be a repeat of a couple scenes that exist on both chapters. I've done and fixed it, hopefully at least. If there's any double-ups in information in either chapter, point it out and I'll remedy it whenever I've got the spare time.

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  • 80 weeks
    It's finally done

    One year to the day, chapter 22 has finally been published.

    I'm just glad I don't have to keep you guys waiting any longer.

    Next chapter is in progress, and it will have some art to go along with it. Stay tuned!

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    More unforeseen circumstances

    Don't worry, it's a good thing this time, I promise.

    Greenback, my faithful and stellar editor for the last couple years, mentioned that, the further we get into the revisions, there's less and less that actually needs fixing/changing.

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My Little Luna Sequel! Editor Needed! · 10:06pm Jan 10th, 2014

For the few of you who actually look at my blog posts, I'm planning on writing a few more fics not just a sequel for MLL and I want a couple people to help me work long-term on them. This includes planning the ideas, plot, characters, and so on. Keep in mind this will be outside of your own personal commitments such as school, jobs etc and I'll be considerate as can be towards those.
Applicant must have Skype for ease of communication and ideally a microphone for further ease of discussing ideas; because typing only goes so far.

Fic idea 1: My Little Dashie type story again, but with Derpy/Ditzy and Doctor Whooves. Human Derpy living on earth (but by a different name) finds a little baby Doctor Whooves. PM for further details on that. Must have in-depth knowledge on Doctor Who show for that one.

Fic idea 2: Sequel for My Little Luna where Narrator takes up The Doctor on his offer for another journey of epic proportions. I want to include different elements from disney movies such as treasure planet, iron giant, and atlantis.

Report Alcatraz · 202 views · Story: My Little Luna ·
Comments ( 8 )

Well, I thoroughly enjoyed MLL and I'm happy to see a sequel to it, I have to say if you need help from an editor/proofreader I'm almost always available.

Now for the fic ideas I know quite a bit about Doctor Who but I'm by no means the one who knows it all so if fic one is the story you'll go with I don't mind helping in that.

As for the second fic idea I'm not sure I completely understand the premise behind that. It feels as if its just an extension of the MLL verse rather then an actual sequel because its about characters other then Luna. But perhaps I misunderstood that.


With the MLL sequel, I intend it to be a sequel and not just an extension of the verse. The premise being I want to include different elements from different movies, such as the map orb from treasure planet, giant robots from iron giant, and an adventure like atlantis in a sense.

It's long term commitment and it actually includes helping to write the thing too, not just editing and proof reading. I don't just need an editor/proofreader as much as someone who can help me write the thing and can pitch ideas and arcs etc.

I'd be stoked if you could help, but with all due respect you'd need adequate writing skills.

1703426 Been writing RPs with people as well as writing my own stories for self pleasure for seven years so I'm pretty confident that my writing skills is adequate enough.

For you incase you're curious, keep in mind if you're familiar with FF7 this will be confusing for you. Just know its a crossover Idea with a friend and takes place years after the latest game of the series (0016)

I do have the time as I don't go to school and I'm on break from work for the time being (I renovate homes so hours are what myself and RL friends make them.)

Now for the pitching of ideas and the like I do have an extensive imagination (with all the writing I do) however it'll be the first time I did anything like this so if I do choose to go ahead with it I'm unsure on how well it'll go as co writing a story is something I didn't expect to do for a first story on Fimfic.


It'll essentially be sending the chapters back and forward between us. If one gets stuck, send it to the other to continue writing. That way we'd be pumping out twice the words in half the time kind of deal.

I wanted to have bullet points for the chapters and sub-points for the plot of that chapter.
An example for MLL sequel would be:
- Chapter 1/Prologue.
- Experience living in Equestria for however-many-months or years.
- Other moments Narrator, Luna, Doctor, and Celestia shared together

Essentially building on ideas and expanding on them rather than writing the story on a whim, which would save time and reduce the chance of writers block.

1703516 I see well thats quite a bit of responsibility. I'll wait to see if any other writers want to take a chance with it first however if no other suits you and still need that help I'll lend my services then.


Sounds like a plan. Just wanted to get notice out early as possible

1703595 Thats understandable well until then. :twilightsmile:

Do both! Do both!!
Strategically placed random moustache is random!! :moustache: Muhahahahaha!!!!

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