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    Clop story update

    As I mentioned in my last post, I wanted to write some more porn for the first time in years to try and get my creative juices flowing. Well, it seems to be working!

    Two and a half weeks and nine-thousand words later, I'm really enjoying how this story is turning out. Hopefully I'll have it finished, then edited and published by the end of October.

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    Story update time!

    So, yeah... I haven't written much for TEP in over a year, but not without good reason.

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    OK, some long overdue explanations are necessary.

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    Repeat information ch 21 and 22

    Chapter 22, the most recent, was chopped up from leftover information from ch21, which lead there to be a repeat of a couple scenes that exist on both chapters. I've done and fixed it, hopefully at least. If there's any double-ups in information in either chapter, point it out and I'll remedy it whenever I've got the spare time.

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  • 83 weeks
    It's finally done

    One year to the day, chapter 22 has finally been published.

    I'm just glad I don't have to keep you guys waiting any longer.

    Next chapter is in progress, and it will have some art to go along with it. Stay tuned!

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WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK · 11:15am Mar 22nd, 2014

So... A while ago I got a Jury Summons in the mail for the Monday 24th of March at 9am (it is currently Sunday 12:10am on the 23rd as I'm typing this).

The thing that I always thought about when I saw a Jury Summons get mentioned on TV is "THose things aren't real, they're just an urban myth." Then what happens. I GET ONE IN THE FUCKING MAIL. A friend of mine got one too. They said it was boring as shit.

Unless I get some sort of super-interesting case like a murder (knock on wood) then I ain't interested.

I feel like Flutter-Raging :flutterrage:

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Comments ( 4 )

What was the summons about?
What sort of case is it?


Hell if I know I just have to show up to court on Monday XD

When you show up they survey you, and if they find out something about you that can be biased to the case, they send you home. For example here in NY a motorcycle gang "attacked" an man on the highway with his family. If I had gotten a summons, and then told them that past experience dictates that motorcyclists can tend to be reckless when riding. They would have sent me home because I have a motorcycle bias. If you don't want it make them not like you.:twilightsheepish:


I live in New Zealand, I'm not sure how different the processes are from country to country

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