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sup im just a girl and um yeah i guess you dont need to know the rest so yeah

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Thank you for the favorite and the watch! It means a lot~! :pinkiesmile:

Okay! I hope you like them!

Hmmm... I do, but it really depends on what ships you like and how... strong you like your romance. :unsuresweetie: You know what I mean? I know two good RainbowPie stoties, but they're both pretty sad. There's an AppleDash story called "Awkward But Worth It" but its strong. There is a really great Soarin' Dash story called "Becoming Daring Do". It also has Scootaloo in it as Raibow's kind of sister. It is, however unfinished. The two RainbowPie fics are called "What is a Name?" and "I Bet You're Flying Inside." (You'll have to click the link to the first story, "I Bet You're Flying Inside" is a Oneshot sequel.)
Anyways, hope that helps!
Keep Smiling!

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