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I like stories. Stories are good. ...Unless they're bad. But good stories are good.

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Octavia has been moping around in her room for quite awhile over Vinyl Scratch, an eccentric DJ at her school. Fearing rejection, she keeps her feelings a secret from her family and friends. However, bonding with the other girl might just get her to open up...

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Octavia is a polite mare on her way up to fame as a cellist. She was brought up in a strict manner in order to be the perfect member of a perfect family. It was an annoyance at times, and she felt trapped. Of course, Octavia rebelled against it; her family knew what was best and what kind of pony wouldn't want to be perfect?

One day, she meets a homeless mare named Vinyl Scratch and immediately takes her in and asks her to be her servant. Vinyl opens Octavia's eyes, telling her that she's capable of making her own decisions, and that her family simply needed to accept her.

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