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Lady Octavia - Cyber Clash

Octavia finds herself a new servant.

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A Shopping Trip

Octavia awoke to her servant bringing her breakfast in a tray. After eating quickly, she stepped into the shower and turned on the hot water. Since she did not have work on this day, she allowed herself to relax in the heat of the water and relish the steam in the bathroom.

In the meanwhile, Vinyl Scratch was gathering a few bits from the cellist’s room into a small pouch. They certainly wouldn’t be buying too many things; it was to be a small get together, not a crazy shopping spree.

The unicorn stood by the doorway, smiling when she saw the aristocrat come down the left staircase, “Ready to go, Tavi?”

The cellist nodded and grinned back, “Of course. Let’s go.”

The two mares walked side by side with each other, walking very close together. Octavia blushed whenever the unicorn’s tail would lightly brush her own, though she told herself it was the proximity’s fault. The cellist looked at the servant, but Vinyl was simply looking straight ahead.

Octavia prayed that the question wouldn’t come off as suggestive, but she boldly asked, “Well, I’ve told you I’m interested in mares. How about you?”


The cellist took a deep breath, “Do you fancy mares or stallions? I’m just wondering. You never know who might be interested in whom.”

“Well, I…” the servant thought for a moment, I’m not exactly sure. She’s cute, and all, but I don’t know. I thought colts were hot too, but I never dated a lot of them. “I’m not really sure. I haven’t really been interested in either gender for a while. I’ve thought both genders are pretty attractive, but I only dated three ponies back in school. I didn’t find the whole relationship thing all that appealing, I guess.”

“I see. Do tell me when you figure things out and become enamoured for somepony. I’d be interested on who it would be,” the classical musician giggled.

The pale-coated pony giggled back, “Alright, I will. And you? Got any special somepony you’ve been keeping an eye on?”

“Sort of…” Octavia sighed in despair, “There’s a stallion called Fine Bits that my family wants me to marry. I don’t like him, though. He can be quite arrogant sometimes. He doesn’t even like me.”

“Then don’t marry him,” Vinyl shrugged.

The cellist chuckled sadly, “I wish that were an option.”

“Have you ever thought about telling your family that you’re…?” the servant asked.

The mistress shook her head slowly, “That’s a social suicide, Vinyl. They’d tell all of Canterlot—all of Equestria some absurd rumour to keep me from ever being successful. That’s why I don’t tell them. Or anypony, for that matter.”

“Not even the twins?”

“Especially not the twins. They know my family too well, and even though I want to trust them, I can’t risk having one of them tell my family by accident. Melody might blurt something out defensively if they mention something about my arranged marriage.”

“You know, most ponies would actually be alright with you. You’re an amazing cellist and you being interested in mares isn’t going to change that. I promise I’ll get you out of that arranged marriage thing,” Vinyl vowed with a comforting smile.

“I appreciate your support, Vinyl,” Octavia said, “but you haven’t met my family. My auntie is cruel, and if things don’t go her way, she makes sure to cut off somepony from the family. It's happened before...”

“Ouch,” the servant grimaced at the thought of the cellist’s career plummeting over such a trivial thing.

It was kind of strange how no matter what law you passed, no matter how many victims gave into the hate, and no matter what you did to try to convince the world, there were always going to be those few ponies who just hated. It was in their nature, and you couldn’t do anything. Yes, Celestia had passed laws to give everypony a taste of equality, but there never is full equality. Some ponies would still discriminate by sexuality, gender, and race. It just never fades away; the disdain is always there.

Finally, the two mares reached the plaza, where they almost immediately spotted the strawberry and lavender twins. The two musicians trotted up to their friends, and greeted them with smiles.

Melody was the first one to speak, “Hey, you two. Walking awfully close, you are.”

Both the cellist and the unicorn blushed and took a side step away from each other. The servant laughed nervously, “It-it’s not what you think.”

“Guys, chill. You know she’s only being facetious,” Harmony assured.

“Yeah, I know,” Vinyl said, shaking her head. “How about we start buying a load of junk we more than likely won’t be using in the future?”

“Sounds like a plan!” Melody cheered, punching the air with her hoof.

The four mares walked along the cobblestone path together, giggling as they shared stories with one another, eyed the merchandise in shops, and ogled “cute colts,” or so Melody called them. They turned a corner when they found heaven on earth—a small music shop called “Sympony.”

The group eagerly entered the shop, relishing the smell of polished wooden instruments, the sound of a jazz record playing in the background, and the lovely shimmer that the brass instruments gave off.

A stallion wearing shades, a vest, and a tie greeted them, “Sup, fillies. Can I help you with anything today?”

“No thanks,” the blue-mane mare smiled, “We’re just gonna check out a couple of things.”

“Alright, cool. The records are back in that corner, we’ve got strings instruments over here, brass and percussion there, and DJ stuff in the far back. I’ll be at the counter, so call if you need anything,” he explained, lowering his shades slightly and giving a friendly little wink at the four customers.

“Thank you, sir,” Octavia chuckled.

“The name’s Neon Lights. But you guys can call me ‘Neon,’” he introduced himself before walking over to his post behind the counter.

The four mares began walking with the cellist having a happy thought, That Neon pony is quite disarming. There are hardly any ponies like him in Canterlot.

“Hey, Vinyl,” Harmony whispered, “Do you think he might have a thing for you? You’re totally his type.”

I take it back. He’s a jackass. I hope he gets crushed by a piano, and they burn his corpse. There is no way he could be with Vinyl. He’d hurt her, definitely! And why do I even care about that? Shut up, Octavia!

“Nah,” the she said, adjusting her shades, “He’s just friendly. Besides, I don’t go for rock n’ roll colts.”

“Oh, is that so?” Melody asked in a sensual manner, “And what type of stallion does our little Scratchie crave?”

The unicorn stuttered and blushed a little, “W-well, I’m not sure. Somepony who’s…a bit cooler.”

“Cooler!?” they all shouted in unison, though Octavia had a more outrageous tone.

Harmony cackled, “Really, Vinyl? You can’t get much cooler than that!”

“Keep your voice down, dammit!” the unicorn hissed.

“Whatever, you know you like him,” Harmony giggled.

Octavia was now blushing in jealousy. She likes “cool” ponies? How ridiculous! She belongs with somepony better! Somepony with more class! Somepony who is successful and doesn’t work in a music shop! Somepony-

Somepony like yourself?

“What!?” the cellist shouted suddenly at herself, catching the other three’s attention. “O-oh my, I apologise. I thought…I thought you said something. Um, I think I’ll browse the records for a while.” And with that, the grey mare went down an isle of vinyl records, still blushing, though now from embarrassment, and pretending to look at the merchandise.

Vinyl Scratch and Harmony went to look at a few percussion instruments to play around with, leaving Melody to follow Octavia. She made her approach noticeable so as to not startle her friend and asked, “Tavia, could I ask you something?”

The violet-eyed mare smiled and responded, “Yes, of course. Feel free to ask me anything you would like.”

Melody took a deep breath, “Do you…have a thing for that cashier?”

“A ‘thing’?” the cellist asked, quirking an eyebrow.

“Yeah, you know. A thing. Like…like, liking somepony.”

“Well, yes, of course I like him; he’s a nice gentlecolt,” she said.

“Yeah, but do you…you know, like, like-like him?” the twin asked nervously.

She asked, suddenly understanding the situation, “Why, whatever gave you such an idea?”

“Well,” Melody coughed before continuing, a sign of uneasiness, “When we were talking about that Neon Lights guy and saying how he looked good on Vinyl, you got quiet.”

“I didn’t want to joke about pairing ponies up; you know how I am about that,” she said dismissively.

“Yeah, I know. But I also know that you always laugh politely at other ponies’ jokes unless it bothers you. So obviously, it would only bother you if you felt something for him,” the teal-eyed pony explained.

The cellist chuckled, “No, no, it’s not him.” She continued to laugh lightly at the situation, digging through the records and picking a smooth jazz one out.

“Then…” Melody leaned in a little closer and whispered in the softest voice Octavia had ever heard from her, “Is it Vinyl?”

Octavia’s heart gave a particularly loud beat, a chill ran up her spine; she stopped chuckling, and let go of the record in her hoof. She swallowed, “No, it isn’t. You know I’m not into mares.”

The twin managed to see straight through the lie as if it were glass, “Octavia, I know you’re lying. You couldn’t have made it more obvious,” she whispered again, “It is Scratch, isn’t it? You can tell me, you know. I won’t tell anypony, not even Harmony.”

“Melody, I don’t have feelings for—“

“Oh please,” she interjected, “As if I didn’t notice how quiet you were, how your cheeks turned pink, or how you had to keep yourself from freaking out just from me suggesting you might like her!” she hissed. “Just admit it.”

The cellist sighed and tried to find her words, “F-fine. I…I am interested in Vinyl Scratch as…more than just a friend and servant.” Octavia blushed again and clenched her jaw.

“I’m proud of you for admitting that, Tavia,” the twin smiled, “Have you ever thought about telling her?”

“And lose the friendship I have with a mare I just met and lives with me? Absolutely not!” the grey earth pony retorted.

“She’s not the type of pony to get freaked out over something like that. It’s fine.”

The cellist shook her head, “Listen, Melody, I’m glad you accept me, really. However, you must understand that even if Vinyl would be okay with my feelings for her, I’d prefer to tell her on my own time. My enamoured state for her is new, therefore, it might just pass and all will be as it was before.”

“Octavia, come on, just let me play Cupid for once in your life!” the lavender pony whined. “You’ve never been with anypony because you were so afraid to reach out, and this could be your one chance to let your mane down and let someone make you happy.”

“Melody, she’s not even a fillyfooler!” The bow-tied mare almost screamed, “I talked to her and from what she said, she sounds like she’s not into either gender, or at least, she doesn’t think so.”

Melody sighed, “Fine, you don’t have to tell her. Still, you two are living together, so it might be better for her to be told than to find out.”

Now it was Octavia’s turn to sigh, “I…I guess you’re right. But I won’t do it right away. I’ll see where these feelings go and I’ll start from there.”

“I just got an idea!” Melody yelled loud enough that the other ponies in the store turned, “Oh, sorry, guys,” she apologised before turning back to the cellist, “You can tell her on your own time and all, but how about I ask her what she thinks of you to see what your chances are with her?”

“I…don’t know Melody. What if what she says isn’t what I am hoping for?” she considered nervously.

She shrugged, “It’s just an idea. Just please promise me that you’ll tell her sooner or later. I’d hate for you guys to get into some quarrel over it or something.”

“I’ll tell her,” Octavia promised, swallowing hard as she imagined confessing her love to Vinyl. “I’ll do it when I feel ready.”

“Okay. Why don’t we get back to those two before one of them lights the place on fire?”

The violet-eyed mare chuckled, “Good idea.”

They trotted over to the other side of the store, Melody splitting with her friend to talk to her twin and Octavia heading toward the back of the shop where her servant was. Vinyl was staring at some strange rectangular mechanism with a load of switches and buttons on top. It was black with neon blue lighting on the borders. She looked like a foal observing the biggest bar of chocolate in the world.

“Vinyl? What is this thing?” the mistress asked, eying the machine with curiosity.

The unicorn didn’t turn. Instead, she simply swallowed a lump in her throat and closed her eyes, letting a tear run down her cheek.

The cellist hadn’t noticed her watery eyes from behind the shades, thus the crying had taken her by surprise, “Oh dear, are you alright?”

The white-coated mare lifted her shades and wiped away the tear, “I’m fine,” she chuckled sadly, “This just reminds me of…who I used to be.”

“Right, your…career as a DJ and musician. I’m so sorry about that, Vinyl,” she apologised.

“Don’t worry, it’s all in the past. I just get nostalgic when I see these. It’s like when you have a really scary near-death experience; you see your life flash before your eyes, all the good times you had, right before feeling that it’s all going to mean nothing once your gone.”

The classical musician nodded, taking it all in, “I think I understand. Why don’t you get back into music, then? I’m sure your fans would love to have you back.”

“No, I don’t have fans anymore. Besides, I don’t have any great ideas for songs anymore either. I lost my inspiration along with everything else,” shrugged the melancholic pony,

“And…what did inspire you?”

“I don’t know,” she responded, “Life in general? The way everything was? Just looking at my music equipment would spark something.”

“You’ll get an idea sooner or later. I know you will.”

She didn’t say anything back.

“Hey,” Octavia called, nuzzling her crony’s cheek, grabbing her attention, “We can get you through this. I promise I’ll do everything I can to get you back on your hooves.”

“Thanks, Tavi,” she smiled appreciatively, “but don’t tell the twins about how much I miss DJing. They’ll just freak out and all that. I wanna start clean, but they'll just rush me into it.”

“Not a word shall come out of my lips,” she giggled, placing a hoof on her lips and winking.

“Guys!” Harmony called, “How about we check out the perfume shop?”

“Sure,” Vinyl answered.

The four mares were about to exit the shop when Octavia smirked and asked, “Would you all mind waiting outside? I did see a jazz album that I found interesting.”

They all shrugged and exited, leaving Neon and the cellist in the store.

“So, you want a jazz album? You want an authentic Hoofstrong one? Or maybe I could interest you in—“ he cut himself off as the customer held up a hoof.

“No, I lied about that. What I really need is that thing in the back of the shop,” she pointed at the device her servant was eyeing earlier.

“The turntables, you mean?” she nodded and he smiled, “Huh. Didn’t see you as the DJ type, miss.”

“It’s not for me; it’s for my unicorn friend.”

“Oh, okay. Well, do you want to think it over and have me reserve it for you, or pay with a cheque and have it delivered in a few days?” he asked.

“The latter. I know how badly she wants to go back to spinning records, so the sooner the better,” she sighed.

“Well, alright. Just sign here and make a cheque to Sympony and give us your address. You can have it whenever you want.”

“Do you think,” she began while writing, “a fortnight from now will work?”

Neon Lights shrugged, “Yeah, sure. Thanks,” he smiled, taking the paperwork. “I’ll tell the delivery colts to have it there by then for ya. Is that all?”

“Yes,” Octavia grinned gratefully, “Yes, thank you so much!” she probably would have hugged the cashier then and there, but she didn’t want to make things awkward. Instead, she walked toward the door.

“Alright then,” he giggled, “Have a nice day, miss!” he yelled as the cellist exited the store.

“Did you find the album you wanted?” Vinyl asked once she saw the aristocrat.

“Album? Oh!” Damn it! I should have known they would ask about it! “Well, I wasn’t really sure about it so I decided not to buy it in the end.”

They all shrugged and continued walking together. Melody walked over to the cellist, “That album thing was a load of bullshit, wasn’t it?”

She gasped a little, “Was it really that obvious?”

“Nah,” the diva waved a hoof, “I just know how to read you like a book,” she chuckled before asking. “So…what was it? Did you warn the dude to stay away from Scratch?”

“What? No! I ordered something. I asked about a specific violin, but he said I could only have it delivered. I just went with that instead,” she lied.

“Ah, you wanna try the violin, huh? That’s cool, I guess.”

Octavia nodded, and they continued to walk around. After so long, the twins were finally reunited with their beloved DJ. Octavia had found Vinyl, and Vinyl had found Octavia. Being happy in each other’s company was all that they could ask for right now. It was simply the best thing in the world to the four mares.

Once they arrived at home, the cellist held the door open for her servant, who was carrying loads of bags with her magic. They were finally alone and giggling with each other over the silly get-together. It was past noon and they were ready to just relax for the night.

“Hah. ‘Not a shopping spree’ my flank! Do you see all of this!?” the unicorn cackled, shaking the merchandise lightly in her aura.

“And they said it would be for a short while? Pshaw! We might as well have stayed until midnight!” the grey pony bantered.

The servant smiled, “It would have been awesome to walk around until midnight, but according to my hooves, I’ve had enough fun,” she shifted from hoof to hoof exhaustedly.

“Well, we still have the rest of the night. Have you finished your chores?” the cellist asked.


“Then how about accompanying me while I practice for my show next week?” the classical musician offered.

The unicorn smiled, “Sure, let’s go.”

They climbed the stairs on the left and Octavia played for Vinyl, who corrected her on some parts. It was fun, being in each other’s company. Just them. It was a different kind of fun. The kind that makes you giggle because you’re not sure if you’re in love or not. Do you even love the pony you’re with? That’s why you giggle—it’s funny that you don’t know that, and even funnier when Cupid hits you on the head and tells you.

Author's Note:

I don't usually go shopping unless I'm just accompanying someone else. Women's clothes stores scare me. Actually, all clothes stores scare me... The people employees aren't always so friendly. Maybe the next time I go to a store, I should give the cash register person a sticker. Maybe that will cheer them up?

Anyway, another chapter! Yay.

Silly Tavi, you're a terrible liar. Melody's just being nice.

Also, thanks to Twilight_Scratch for editing.

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