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Yeah the story was pretty good. I could tell there were moments where the movie scripts put you in a difficult spot narrative-wise but I thought your work-arounds were pretty creative. I was curious what your personal theory was for why Sunset wasn't magically stronger than Twilight in Friendship Games. The one in the story makes sense to me, in terms of Sunset deliberately holding back, but you mentioned in the author's note that you had a different theory. For my curiosity, what was that theory?

Also want to say that I'd totally read your sequel if/when you post it.

Thank you very much for favoriting my story "Full Circle"! I really appreciate it!

Thank you so much! I adore detailed feedback like this, and I hugely appreciate you going to the trouble of writing it. I'm mostly a one-shot writer, so this was quite a long fic by my standards.

I got the sense that the two friends really did have an impact on each other

Oh, absolutely. Apart from anything else, in the pegasus race it was Rainbow (and the two bully colts) who knocked Flutters off her cloud and down to the ground. And at least as far as we saw on screen, she didn't go to check up on Fluttershy even after she won. I wrote another story long ago about just how deeply Dash's memories of that affected her emotionally even into adulthood -- though as it is an early story, it's not entirely satisfactory, especially with its rather abrupt ending.

I was still a bit unsure about some small details

As you suspected, some of those were deliberately left vague or in the background. The obvious one is exactly what Rainbow and Fluttershy's feelings are for each other. I see them as what people in the old days used to call "romantic friends" -- noting that "romantic" there doesn't have quite the modern shippy sense of the word. I think some of Cindy Morrow's episodes portray what I was going for in the RD/FS friendship very well, notably "Hurricane Fluttershy" (my all-time favourite) and "Tanks for the Memories".

I think the biggest fault with the story as it stands is that the whole subplot of Fluttershy's ancestry is basically ignored after the first few chapters. You may have noticed that chapter five is the shortest -- that's because there was originally going to be an extra scene featuring Fluttershy at the archives. However, I couldn't get it right and didn't want to drop the whole fic because of it, hence what you see now.

like what was going on with Fluttershy's dad

At the time I wrote this fic, there was a tendency for writers to portray parents as either perfect and loving and cute (like Twilight's in canon) or flat-out abusive (like in Scootabuse fics, which I hate). I thought it would be interesting to write a parent who wasn't at either extreme. Also at the time, we'd seen very little of pegasus parents in the show, and a common headcanon was that they didn't tend to be especially close to their foals. So here, Fluttershy's dad is simply uninterested and neglectful. In a similar kind of way, Notch Lapel -- Flutters' rather creepy teacher early in the story -- certainly behaves inappropriately, but he isn't actually a danger to her or anypony else.

Yes, I thought the story was very emotionally engaging and I particularly enjoyed how Fluttershy and Rainbow's relationship developed over the course of the story. I got the sense that the two friends really did have an impact on each other and that there was real stakes to their interactions. The scene where Rainbow interacts with Spitfire was particularly brutal to imagine, but it was interesting to imagine how an event like that might have impacted her view of the Wonderbolts and of herself.
I will confess at the end of the story I was still a bit unsure about some small details, like what was going on with Fluttershy's dad, but I think one of the strengths of the story was how you didn't try to overexplain everything, which made the events feel much more natural and realistic, like I was experiencing them in real time.

It's not often I write one of these thank you notes, but I'm really happy you enjoyed Where They Understand You. While I might do a few things differently if I were writing that fic now, I've always liked it as my (pre-"Flutter Brutter") headcanon for how Rainbow and Fluttershy's friendship developed. Glad that came through for you too!

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