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My subconsciousness is trying to tell me something... · 8:16pm Oct 3rd, 2013

...or just my job/studies affects my writing:

If you, while reading Tools/The Sharpest Tool, had a shot of whatever alcoholic beverage you like every time someone:
- is in a hospital (I recall 4 ponies in Tools alone, 5 if you include Krissy who was in the morgue),
- is at the hospital,
- Somepony, who's a doctor/nurse speaks (two drinks for anypony who's not Dr Tulp, as he seems to have the most lines... Or just the longest ones.)

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Apparently there's a swarm of crabs in my town · 12:25pm Sep 26th, 2013

Where's Rarity when you need her?

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Writing plans · 9:19pm Sep 7th, 2013

"Tools" is finished, there are two more chapters to go that will be uploaded soon. I wrote a chapter of a possible sequel, but there's a long way to finish it. Other plans:

A story about Vinyl's past, loosely connected to Tools - nothing specific about that (it may be longer than one-shot),

A one-shot inspired by some picture, starring Vinyl, Octavia and Derpy (progress - 5%).

MLP/Discworld crossover (working title: Through the L-Space)

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