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I love fan based work, and i love writing. Thus I'm writing my own published works to see what shall be made of them by others.

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After much coercing from Twilight, Rainbow Dash decides to read a book other than Daring Do. Looking around in Twilight's library for any sort of book that catches her interest, Rainbow comes across an odd untitled book. Looking within reveals information on all sorts of monstrous creatures, and the odd beings that hunt them. The rest of the book however, is completely blank, which confuses the pegasus, thus she brings it to Twilight. Though confused by the book's presence in her library, Twilight informs Dash that the book is most likely a write your own adventure story, with the information within the book being the setting and elements within the plot. Intrigued, Rainbow decides to give the book a whirl, and takes it home with her to write her own adventure.

However, upon getting ready to write, the enchantment upon the book activates, pulling Rainbow Dash within. Now Rainbow Dash must embark on a quest to hunt and slay the most powerful monster in order to leave the book. Within this new world she'll face great dangers, see amazing wonders, and meet new friends, and who knows, maybe this adventure will be better than anything Daring Do will ever experience.

I do not own the cover art. My little pony is copyright of Hasbro, and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is copyright of Capcom. I own nothing.

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Celestia had underestimated the power of Queen Chrysalis, and was brought down because of it. The queen however, wasn't stopping at merely bringing the alicorn down. Using an ancient ritual meant to amplify the changeling portal spell, Chrysalis literally casts Celestia out of the world of Equestria, and into the endless expanse of realities and dimensions. The solar princess soon lands into an entirely new world, one that is not governed by order and harmony like her own. Upon teaming up with a warrior of this strange new world, Celestia seeks a way to return to Equestria, and back to her sister and beloved ponies.

However, during her adventures with this warrior, answers to some of her deepest questions are discovered. Why was she born an alicorn instead of ascending to one? Why was her power so much greater than that of normal alicorns? These questions will finally have their answers alongside the greatest answer of them all, her ancestry.

An MLP/Skyrim crossover that for the first time features Celestia in Tamriel. I've seen plenty of fics where one of the mane six get thrown into Skyrim, but never have I seen one where it's Celestia. Anyways, I hope I do well with this story, and no, Celestia is not the Dragonborn in this fic.

Edit: 12/19/16 How the heck did this just get featured!?

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The fourth great ninja war was over. With Sasuke's help, Naruto vanquished Madara and defeated the Juubi. However, when all was said and done, the two were betrayed by those they trusted most. Fearing the outcome of the toad elder's prophecy, The survivng kages threw Naruto and Sasuke into time and space with the hopes of banishing the two forever. The two however, manage to end up in an entirely new world, giving the two a possible fresh start. Their arrival however, changes the outcome of upcoming events in this world in ways that should never have happened.

It was an ordinary day in Equestria. The sun was shining, the birds were singing and princess Celestia had some free time from her royal duties. Then the explosions started, explosions originating from the Everfree Forest.

Cover art supplied by RainbowDashVegetaFan123

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