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After the Cutie Mark Crusaders accidentally reawaken GLaDOS, {redacted} happens. Will {name redacted} be able save Equestria by {redacted} before its too late, or will {redacted} Nightmare Moon {redacted)? Oh, and there was this one hilarious part where {name redacted} through an Aperture Science Intra-dimenshional portal right into a {redacted} and {redacted} all over the test chamber! That was great. Hmm it seems that the Aperture Science censorship protocol is acting up again. I'll just have to fix that while you read this fan-fiction.

A Portal / portal 2 cross over, if you somehow have played portal or portal 2 and haven't figured this out.

the story takes place a few decades after portal 2.

Despite the state of the facility initially, it is not a retelling of the second portal game.

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