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Some story revisions · 3:58am Mar 30th, 2012

I'm working on getting For the Good of all of Us into presentable shape to submit to EQD for the first time. This includes the new story image (I'll post the old one on my deviant art... eventually) that I drew. The old one was inaccurate in terms of my description of the central AI chamber's state in the story (lacking the severe damage and the array of mechanical arms mounted to the walls). In addition I felt it lacked detail in some key places (like the mud) and was just too bright for my

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An interesting point of data... · 3:10am Mar 19th, 2012

Well it seems someone who previously had liked my story changed their minds and gave it a thumbs down. That's interesting. I wonder what I did wrong? Oh well likes and dislikes are just points of data, points of data without any constructive criticism or praise to go along with them. I'm not angry, not even a little. How could I be when this dislike allows me to do so much science.

That being said, I have some re-writing and deadly neurotoxin synthesizing to get back to.

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Well I went and done it... · 3:46am Mar 14th, 2012

Well I went and done it, I did the thing that no fan-fic author should ever do. I went and started another fic. I haven't uploaded it yet, I want to make significant headway on it first. That was why this last chapter of my current fic took so long to write, that and having a lot to do last week.

By the way hope you liked the Pic of Leirica I drew in For the Good of all of Us. I hope to add more art per chapter in the future.

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oops · 3:37am Feb 29th, 2012

well i accidentally triggered the spam filter when I rewrote chapter 3 of my fic. So sorry about that. the new version should be up in a few hours when an admin or what not unlocks it.

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For the good of all of us. · 4:31am Feb 22nd, 2012

Well my portal crossover fanfic has gotten generally good reviews so course I am ecstatic that my first fanfic didn't bomb. I hammered out the 2nd chapter quickly, well, because I hate the amount of fan-fictions that are just an abandoned opening chapter, so I wanted to get past that hurtle as quickly as possible without spewing trash out there. You can likely can hope on bi-weekly updates most of the time though. Oh, and don't worry I want to get GLaDOS online in the story as soon possible!

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